Saturday 18 January 2014

My trip to the Peloponnese (2)- from Athens to Nafplio First Impressions

Read this travel log on from the previous blogpost here.
So the next day Saturday 28th after a good breakfast and more chatting with hubby's cousin we took our leave for the Peloponnese.
The highway is excellent. And we soon arrived to Nafplio realising how fast it is for the Athenians to reach Nafplio which is such a beautiful place to spend a weekend.
We only wished for a better weather. Nafplio only has about 13.000 inhabitants but at holidays it doubles with the tourists. We entered the town and very quickly reached our destination Agamemnon Hotel.
It is a 1965 built hotel. It looks old from the outside but it is great inside.
I loved that they kept the original living room furniture.
 And outside it was raining!See this lady passing with the umbrella?Her jacket, the umbrella and the flowers on the wall were all purple.
 The breakfast room.
 An old poster on the wall.
Our room. Not very impressive? Wait till I draw the curtains!
 Wow! Yes that's a view! Bourtzi the most famous little castle-island in Greece!

 Our balcony.
 And the view from the other balcony door.

 We settled down for a while and went out for a walk to the old city.
Old buildings that have become hotels.
 Palamidi castle on top of the hill over the town.
 Narrow streets.
 Saint Nicholas Church.
Beautifully coloured buildings and me taking thousands of pictures.

 on a hotel window.
 a hotel sign....

 a table outside a restaurant....
 a shop with handmade things....
 Ooops, that's an interesting thing..... a pottery shop.....
 Old buildings and doors...
 A painting at a shop window.....
 an interesting snowman made out of plastic glasses....
 And a break for lunch at Karamanlis restaurant. I had a great hot meat soup.

 And then we continued our walk.
Kapodistrias monument.
 The Court house.
 Children's museum at the old train station (closed).
 Park with ducks.
 Municipality building (First highschool of Nafplio built 1833)
 Navarhon Square.
 A painting outside Gallery Tzimas. Like the woman I had seen outside the hotel that morning.
 Constistution Square, the most beautiful of all!
 The Gallery aforementioned inside a spa building(hamam)
Vouleftikon building.
Interesting shop windows.

 Interesting restaurant signs.

 An old spring.
 The famous komboloi (worry beads) museum of Nafplio.

 An old anchor outside the War Museum.
 A clever idea for herbs.
 An ingenious way to sit at a cafe.

 A mosaic where Saint Anastasios died.
 The hotel behind ours.
 More views from our room.

 Unfortunately my night photos are awful.
But hubby managed to take better ones!
A night walk.
Interesting shopwindow.
 Stars at the children's Christmas village at one of the squares.

 Navarhon Square by night. I really loved those wire sculptures.

 One more interesting shop. So many little gifts to choose from.

 Surprise! A newly-married couple taking photos at the narrow streets.( I asked to be allowed to take a photo too!)
  And we ended our day with a delicious pizza at Old School.
I was so positively impressed by Nafplio on that first day that I really wanted to see it more by daylight and in better weather!


dimitrART said...

Such amazing photos for this lovely town!!Well done Ariadne!

Ruth Ludlam said...

Your photos brought back happy memories of my two visits to this beautiful town.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Looks like such a beautiful and interesting city!

AppleApricot Wen said...

What a wonderful trip, love the photos! I didn't know the weather can be so grey in Greece. When I was there, we had wonderful weather, so when I think of Greece, I think of happy sunshine :)
I've put your gorgeous felted stone on my blog, finally! I had stomach flue and am happy to say to feel better now.
Hugs xx Wen

prpltrtl946 said...

SO beautiful!! And,that pizza looks delicious!!! 8*)

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

The view is absolutely breathtaking. I really enjoyed that mini virtual vacation on that Sunday morning!

zina said...

Nafplio is one of my favorite cities. Perfect on Summer, romantic on Winter!

great pictures :)

Anonymous said...

nafplio looks so beautiful!
never been there, so i took a little taste from your fotos :)