Monday, 6 January 2014

Enjoy 2014!

Hello everyone! I am back from a lovely 10-day trip to the Peloponnese and Athens! I will blog about it all in due time!
For the time being I am sending you all my best wishes for a very happy new year 2014!
This is my new love! Nafplion! And its landmark Bourtzi, a little fortress in the sea!


Poppy said...

Happy New Year, Ariadne!

Nafplion is a little haven of beautiful architecture, cobblestone pathways and gorgeous infinite seascapes. Was lucky to wander its colourful collages of brilliant shops and squares in 2006 and hope to visit again in the future.

Looking forward to reading about your own visit.


Annuk said...

Happy New Year, Ariadne!!!
Great to hear you enjoyed your trip!

Bernice Geroulis said...

beautiful picture, I have family there and loved the time I spent in the area

Sarah in Stitches said...

Happy 2014, Ariadne! :D

Brigitte Lepoix said...

Happy New Year,Ariadne!
Looking forward to all your new 2014 posts and photos.

eleanna said...

10 day trip? Just wonderful! Happy new year! We are waiting for your photos!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Have a magical new year. The picture of that fortress in the middle of the sea is sure magical.

Christine said...

What a beautiful looking scene.
Happy New Year

Valma said...

how great it is to read you've had a great holiday time =)
what a beautiful picture !
happy new year sweetie