Sunday 19 January 2014

The KEPKA workshop

That took place back in December but I did not have time to talk about it till today.
There was a workshop about recycling and how to use things that you don't need and turn them into art and craft. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" as we used to say at school.
KEPKA stands for Consumers' Protection Centre and you can find info about this volunteer based organization here.
So here is what we made.
Beautiful snowflake ornaments made out of the bottom of plastic bottles.

 Ribbons for our Christmas wrapping with pages out of magazines. That was so easy. I wonder why people buy ribbons.

 A paper bauble. I wasn't really good at this one.

I also looked around me to see what they were going to make on the next day's workshop.
And it was funny to see one of my felt Christmas trees that I had learnt  to make in the previous workshop of in my closet standing among other things.
 I also spotted this toilet paper roll star and decided to make it myself... home.

Here's what we were generously given by KEPKA during the workshop.A lovely bag and lots of useful things for crafts.
And there was an excellent sweet buffet too where I added some muffins too. But they were nothing compared to these red velvet muffins made by Vassiliki. They were excellent.
 Thank you Anna of InMyCloset for organising this workshop and letting us know.We had a great time.
You can read more about this workshop here and here.


Vasiliki said...

Thanks a lot for your lovely comments

Poppy said...

Kudos for recycling materials in such a beautifully creative way!


Sarah in Stitches said...

Great recycled crafts! :D

mafaldaQ said...

It was a great workshop and I was so glad that all participants created so beautiful xmas ornaments. I am also glad that inspiration given made you want to try the toilet paper roll ornament! Thank you for this great post!

zina said...

simple and adorable creations!