Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Christmas Gifts

This year I tried not to spend too much on gift giving. So I made my own gifts.
I also tried not to spend too much on gifts to myself.
I had to buy my cologne as it had finished and found a day that there was 30% off. Pure White Linen, I have been wearing it for years.I love the little sample gifts they give with the purchase of the cologne.
I also bought 2014 charms and some felt wool for my stones in colours I didn't have.
 That was something I hadn't done for a long time! Buy craft magazines. I bought my dear
Marie Claire Idees which is so good and so cheap. Inspite the fact that I don't speak French, at least I can see the great pics.
I also bought Crafts Beautiful for the felt ornaments it had in the kit and hope to make them.
Finally I bought Mollie Makes for the first time. I had heard so much about this magazine but it is soooo expensive in Greece. But again I really wanted to buy it for the felt kit on the cover and to have the experience of it at last. It is very good. I really loved reading it. I want to try so many things in it.
 Now things I received. A little money that I gave good use to (more on another blogpost).
Two bags.
One from hubby(red) and one from my cousin (felt grey).Unfortunately there was a pin on the grey bag and I lost it!
And a watch from hubby!No it isn't gold.
This lovely coffee maker from my sister-in-law. And lots of coffee and chocolate!
I love making filter coffee without having to use the big coffee maker.
This little porcelain bird from one of my students. I haven't received a gift from a student for ages and it was a nice surprise.
Hubby and I received this beautiful dish with homemade cookies from one of his old students and there were beautiful metal gifts in it.
 The children are designs from an old school book and the other two are Shadow Puppet figures.

I also received my photo portrait from school.
And a gift from my best friend this felt bag with chocolate.
And the things I gave.
This felted stone to my best friend.
 I also made her the fairy bread (I found the recipe in DesireEmpire blog. Thanks Carolyn!). It was super easy, really beautiful to look at and absolutely delicious and the kids loved it and also my effort to make something from their mum's background was appreciated).
 And one of my felt ornaments.
 I made my niece this pendant. I bought the metal charm, painted it and added beads and laces and a chain. She loves photography! That's why I chose this charm.
 I made this stone for my cousin in Athens.
 And this huge one for my other cousin. I had found the coin at the beach and thought that since he is an archaeologist it suits him although it isn't a very old one.
 And this one for my other cousin.
I also made this felt ornament charm for my sister-in-law.
I love making, giving and receiving gifts! Don't you?


Sarah in Stitches said...

Great gifts, both given and received! I love those little metal figures with the cookies. So sweet!

Brigitte Lepoix said...

Wow, that photo portrait is lovely!

Zina Z said...

the portrait is wonderful! all of your gifts are gorgeous! enjoy them!

Rhona said...

Gosh...so many beautiful things!

eleanna said...

Great ones! Beautiful gifts ;) I didn' t get any gifts this year, so I think I deserve to buy for me one of these magazines!

Dimitra Decorasylum said...

Πολύ όμορφα τα δώρα που πήρες & έδωσες. Και οι πέτρες σου πολύ ξεχωριστές, δεν έχω ξαναδεί κάτι παρόμοιο! Καλώς σε βρήκα & την καλησπέρα μου.

Kay said...

So many lovely things. I always try to make some presents for Christmas. My daughter made some make up bags for her friends once I had shown her how to. I really like your portrait!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What wonderful gifts! I love the two beautiful bags you received, and the watch! Love the felted rocks you make. They are such treasures! Enjoy your week my friend! Thanks for the sweet birthday message yesterday! Hugs!

butterfly said...

Lovely gifts , looks like you had a great Christmas, hugs.

Carolyn Darragh said...

Some lovely gifts given and received there. Glad the tree was happily received by the kids and your Aussie friend. I hope the new year has started well for you.