Wednesday 4 September 2013

Summer 2013-reading

During the morning swim and sunbathe I read books.
I also read a lot during breakfast, after lunch and before going to bed at night.
Therefore I finished 23 books.
O Zitianos (The beggar) by Andreas Karkavitsas(in Greek)
I am hoping that when the Greek Television reopens I will be able to watch the TV series based on this book as well.
Mikra Agglia (Little England) by Ioanna Karystiani (in Greek)
A great book which has been made into a movie which will be shown soon and my husband's Godson Andreas Konstantinou is starring in it.
The adventures of Baron Munchhausen by Gottfried A. Byrger (in Greek). It's fun to read a children's story again!
Pyrina Oneira (The Fire Dwellers) by Margaret Laurence(in Greek). That was interesting and it was great to read a Canadian novelist.

Odos Evridikis (Eurydice Road) by Sofka Zinovieff (in Greek). Good if you want to see how it is to live in Greece through a foreigner's eyes. But I would love to read a book written by an immigrant and not someone who got married to a rich Greek.

O theos ton mikron pragmaton (The God of Small Things) by Aroudhati Roy (in Greek).An excellent book!I was wondering if it has been made into a movie!
It was a summer of lots of crime novels. I really enjoyed this one...
Portobello by Ruth Rendell (in Greek)
I borrowed this one from a neighbour.A one day read of great quality and after thought.
To pempto pedi (The fifth child) by Doris Lessing (in Greek)
I wouldn't ever want to read the next one but a neighbour insisted on my borrowing it. So I read that one too and no I didn't like it.
Peninta apohroseis toy gri (50 shades of Grey) by E.L. James (in Greek). I know the author has written two more books but I don't want to read them. I find this type of books too light and superficial. I might want to watch the movie though!

Prin apo to iliovasilema (Before the sunset) by Manos Eleftheriou (in Greek). Although I respect the author-poet I didn't understand his book!What does the poet mean?
O giatros tis Saragosa (The Saragosa Doctor)Original title The last Jew by Noa Gordon (in Greek). I borrowed that one too!And I have to say it was my numebr one this summer!Absolutely great!
Horeyontas sti siopi (Dancing in silence) by Giorgos Polyrakis (in Greek)That I am told was made into a Greek series and it is on youtube so now I know what I will be watcing in Septemeber! One of those romantic novels that keep you in your book.
Tamerlanos o kardiokataktitis (Tamerlan the heart breaker) by Rene de Obaldia (in Greek) Once again what does the poet mean?
Oi hrysoi Karpoi (The golden fruit) by Nathalie Sarraute (in Greek) I didn't understand much of this one either. I guess poetry is not for me!
Barca by Sandro Modeo (in Greek) A book about my favourite football team.
In the frame by Dick Francis (in English)
High Stakes by Dick Francis (in English)
Smokescreen by Dick Francis (in English) All these three books I borrowed from the school English library and it was a good read too.
Two more mysteries by my favourite Ruth Rendell in one volume...
Put on by Cunning by Ruth Rendell (in English)
An unkindness of ravens by Ruth Rendell (in English)
On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan (in English) an excellent book indeed.

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (in English).This was one of the three books my dear friend Dawn from the States had given me last year and I so loved reading it. Although the book is good the film I watched afterwards was very shallow.
The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks (in English). The book is very good and I plan to watch the movie soon. I have become a fan of Sparks really.I still have one more of his books to read. It was in my 20 books list for the summer reading but that and one more Greek book that I gave away as a gift are the ones I did not read from the list. But I read the three borrowed from the neighbours in the beach house so that was good too.
If I had to rate and recommend the best books I would say The Last Jew was the first, The God of Small Things was second, On Chesil Beach was the third and then I would add all of Ruth Rendell's and Nicholas Sparks and Dick Francis as very good reading.


bec said...

ooh you make want to visit the library and grab myself a good book to your blog
Bec x

Sarah in Stitches said...

Wow, that's a lot of books for one summer! I'm sad that I didn't reach my own reading goals - I only read 6, and I'm still working on the 7th. Oh well!