Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer 2013-felted stones (1)

Another really happy time before lunch was felting stones and decorating them. It was such a peaceful happy time for me.
I made many, some I gave away as gifts but I am going to have a shop update soon I hope too.
I started by putting everything on the porch table.
 Of course I had felted some stones some days before.I then stuck the sea shells, sea glass and other finds on them and let them dry.
 And then took one by one and sitched on them. First this gorgeous green brown.
 Then a blue with a 2013 note on it and a little yellow button.

 And then one more green and brown with a wooden button on it.
 These too were sold to a neighbour who bought them as a gift for a friend.
 I loved looking at my new art pieces along with the older ones I had taken with me. I was thinking that maybe I could sell those too!Oh well...not that lucky!
I kept them in this beautiful blown glass dish.
This is a little blue one.
 Getting ready for one more
 which was given as a gift to a dear friend in Australia who was visiting Greece.
 And one more
with added 3D details....on the grass....
And this one with two coloured felt and lots of details....
 was gifted to my dear neighbour and friend and first customer!

So after I gave her this she made a custom order where I used a sea glass piece her son found while snorkeling at our sea.
 So here they are the two together!
I was so happy with how all those pieces turned out and the happines they brought to others that I felted lots more stones.
I got some more beads too.

 And also used the old ones I had.

I had good company too.
And started creating!
What? You will see soon!
But if you are interested in the ones you have seen in this post (not the sold or gifted ones of course) let me know so that I can add them to my etsy and reserve them for you.


Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful pieces, Ariadne!

butterfly said...

Very pretty and very relaxing for you hugs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the stones are beautiful (:

Anonymous said...

ariadne they are all so beautiful!
keep creating dear!
and how is barca doing? :)

Kay said...

These just look amazing all together. I really like the blue and green ones especially.

prpltrtl946 said...

Dear Ariadne!! 8*)

Your eye for color and shapes is wonderful!! These sure are TREASURE Stones!! 8*)

Bernadett Rauski said...

They are wonderful!:)
I LOVE sea,summer...:)


Valma said...

you really do an awesome job with those pieces !
I think I won't be patient enough to do such kind of things =D
very beautiful...

julochka said...

Ariadne - they may be inspired by Lisa, but you've made them all your own! i envy you your abundance of beach glass. i only find 1-2 pieces when i'm at the beach and would never amass enough to use on my stones. :-) thank you for leaving a comment and stopping by so that i could "meet" you. :-) /julie