Friday 6 September 2013

Summer 2013-crafts

Usually mornings after breakfast are the most quiet part of the day as most of the beach house residents are at the beach so I was almost alone to deal with what I like best, crafts.
At first I tried working with napkins on pottery found at the beach.
 Here is the result.
 I also tried with sea glass.
With not much success.
My next door neighbour was painting while I was doing my crafts. We both enjoyed it!
 I loved the sunflowers.
 And the island.
And here is the painting she made for me!Don't you love that blue chair?
I also did very little cross stitch and of course felted stones which I will show you in future blogs.


butterfly said...

Lovely crafting.

Jennifer said...

What interesting crafting with the sea-glass. I have nothing like that here to work is so pretty. The paintings done by your neighbor are beautiful! As always your photos are so filled with brightness and color and I find them very inspirational!

Bernadett said...

I love your napkins...I am a napkin collector...I have more than 1800...I did not count them this year...:)
I love your pottery with decoupage.:)
The paintings are wonderful.Nice to have a crafter neighbour.:)
Lovely present from her.:)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Pretty! I like the napkins on the rocks. They came out really nice.