Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Summer 2013- insects

Of course I took lots of photos of insects and other animals wherever I met them.
This little bat unfortunately fell and died from its nest.
 And I kept it in a jar!Bad idea!
 Spiders are everywhere at the hedge between me and the neighbour!

 This fellow walked everywhere even upsidedown!

 Ladybirds were everywhere too.

 This baby lizard hid at my deck chair. This one I freed of course after taking pictures.

 Butterflies are my favourite but too difficult to catch in a picture!


Valma said...

Ho my ! I really prefer your previous post =)
apart from butterflies and ladybugs...
I'm very afraid of the others....
it seems there's lot's of life around you =)

Brigitte Lepoix said...

Wonderful photos of our little creatures!

butterfly said...

Wonderful photos, hugs .

Anonymous said...

beautiful close up fotos!
poor little bat :(
and i can imagine it was a bad idea to keep it in a jar...