Sunday 1 September 2013

Enjoy September!

So here we are in September already!
I can't believe how fast this summer went by!
I can't believe there are things I want to blog about not only about summer but since May and even a trip I took earlier in the year!Where does time fly?But I really don't want to be online that long and I don't want to get anxious about blogging. It is supposed to be fun, right?
Anyway we are typically in the beginning of Autumn!
Usually on the first of September teachers go to school but since it is a Sunday we will be going tomorrow.
We wanted to spend this weekend at the beach house but there were storms and lots of rain in the area so we didn't bother!
Here I would like to take the chance to say that unfortunately my son did not succeed at the entrance university exams he sat in May so we will have to see what he will be doing this year.Keep your fingers crossed for the best solution!Lots and lots of students failed the exams as the level of difficulty was too high, really too difficult, especially in Maths, my son's best subject.For some reason I think the Ministry are trying to send students to the private colleges.But we don't have the money for that!Good luck to all students who will be trying again next year and congratulations to all those who managed to enter the University of their choice!
Anyway here I'd also like to wish all the best to all those teachers who are starting school tomorrow.
It will be a difficult school year for Greece!


Emma/Itzy said...

Hope tomorrow goes well for you and fingers crossed your son will sort something :) Here we have what is called clearing, if a student does not get the grades they expected to get in to there course then they will find them another placement for a similar subject or perhaps the same just at a different university.

Bernadett said...

The best for us.:)