Tuesday 5 February 2013

Sea Glass gifts

I received lots of gifts this Christmas mainly from sea glass friends.So here they are.
That's the total of them which are related to sea glass only.
Two green vintage UV dishes from Julianna and John in Scotland.
A driftwood sea glass reindeer from Tua in Finland.
A watercolour sea glass painting from Ian in England.
A sea glass turquoise blue scarf from Marabeth in the States.
A set of sea glass Christmas tree ornaments from Juliana and John again.
A Christmas tree ornament with the A monogramme and a 2013 calendar from Andria of Andriasserendipity in the States.
A sea glass Christmas card from John and Julianna,too.
The Sea Glass Rush book written by Bev Jacquemet gifted to me by Dawn in the States.
Thank you my friends very very much! I love sea glass and your gifts!
 My sea glass on top of Bev's book sent to me by Dawn!
 Andria's and Juliana's ornaments on Dawn's gift.
Andria's gifts.
 Ian's watercolour!
 Tua's reindeer.
Thank you all for your gifts!


Annuk said...

I can only say--WOW!!! Enjoy your beautiful gifts from lovely friends, Ariadne! :) Have a beautiful February! Filakia!

Lisa said...

You get the best gifts. The sea glass is beautiful and the water color picture is beautiful too. Enjoy!!!

Unknown said...

Driftwood reindeer, nice! :)

butterfly said...

Lovely gifts and post. hugs.