Tuesday 19 February 2013

One month with Barca.

Thank you every one for your condolences and good wishes.
I am very very tired as I returned late last night. It isn't easy to go 500km away and return back in just 36 hours.And had to go to school this morning.
So I won't blog about the funeral although I admit that it was a great tribute to our uncle and a great chance to meet lots of relatives some of which I hadn't seen for ages. It is a pity that we live so far away from all our relatives but that's how life brings things.First we had to leave Constanitnople and our relatives there. Then we had to leave Athens and our relatives there and ended up in Thessaloniki, this beautiful city with no one but us here.When you grow older you realise the loneliness even more.

To something happier.
Barca (pronounced Bartsa) has been with us for a month now. She came here on January 14th.
Here is a photographic album of hers. Careful! Too many photos!
First meeting
 First evening
 Meeting Miltos for the first time.
 With carpets, not for long.
 In my lap
 Leg up

 The computer
 The mail

 Slippers love
 Grandma love?
 Sleeping anywhere
 Pants love
 Say dreaming?
 Heads up
 In my lap
Why in a cage?

 Mail love

 New gift

 At school
 Hope I haven't bored you with so many Barca photos! They are in chronological order.


Dream on the wave said...

Ha Ha Ariadne, that were a lot of photos but...I enjoyed them all. Barca is too cute and I can't wait to meet her.
Many greetings, Frieda

Annuk said...

What a beautiful tribute to little Barca! She is ADOOOORABLE!!!!! I can really see how much love she is getting from you and your beautiful family! And I found it particularly touching that you introduced her to your pupils: it is so very important for young kids to learn love for animals since a very young age!!!

YES, my Zoe is A Greek girl! :) I adopted her as a homeless kitten from Rhodes back in the summer of 2003, and she's been filling my days with love and joy since then! :)

AppleApricot Wen said...

I'm so sorry about your uncle Ariadne, may he rest in peace.
Barca is such a cutie!!!


Lisa said...

I love the photos she is so cute. Kepp us updated on her growth.

Unknown said...

I know for sure that Barca is in a good and loving family! xxx

Rhona said...

You can never have too many pictures of cute puppies! She's adorable...love the picture of her half in and half out of her little bed....too cute!

Anonymous said...

i hope you will be able to rest from this long trip.
may i say that your eyes are a lot similar
with your uncle's.
i wish that in the future you will get in touch
more often with your loved ones that live far away.

barca is still so so cute after one month!
what a look in the foto with "touching" title!
please more barca fotos! make me happy!

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

she is so adorable

never too many pictures

Emma/Itzy said...

so cute! :)

connie said...

Barca is adorable