Sunday 3 February 2013

Racial discrimination and inspiration in teaching

Today I watched an hour's documentary film about Jane Elliott, a teacher who did an experiment with her pupils in the 60's to teach racial discrimination and how we should avoid it.Separating her pupils in blue eyed ones and brown eyed ones she taught them to step into other people's shoes and to avoid doing to others what we don't want to be done to us.It was inspirational.
You can read about it here.

Here is a picture I was also sent on my e-mail about education. I guess it applies to most countries' educational systems.
Talking about discrimination I would like to remind you of the Disabled Access Friendly Campaign. You can see the button on the right. You can find lots of teaching material on that theme there.

If you feel watching a good inspirational short movie about how people are made to feel subordinate and how every one has a value even if they are called Zero this one is for you!

I was trigerred to write this blogpost from yesterday's meeting of my husband who is now a pensioner teacher with a class he taughet 25 years ago. It was a touching, happy meeting.
Inspired teachers can make the difference!
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