Monday 4 July 2011

Visitors 1- The White Tower

My Godmother and her son, my cousin, and his family were visiting here the weekend 25th-26th June. They came for a wedding where we went together.
They brought us this delicious profiterole from Athens.
 We spent Friday evening all together along with my brother's family at my place.
Then on Saturday morning we went for a walk. We passed in front of the Scouts' Headquarters.

I adore this lacy woodwork all around the roof.
 We loved the flowers in front of the Municipality Hall.

 The lavender was awesome.
 Isn't this alleyway wonderful?
 I am always taking the pics so I am not in them! Aren't they strange all together with their dark sunglasses?
 The Indignant have posted this huge label on the White Tower that says "Not for sale!"
 Inside it is a beautiful museum of the story of the city and we went to see it.
Digital photo of the city.
 A dove had made its nest in one of the Tower's windows.
 The views from the windows are wonderful.
 We loved seeing old pictures of the city.
 Someone was really bored!!!!!!!
 This city has seen so many conquerors.
 There is pottery found in the Tower.
 The view from the top is breathtaking.
 There are beautiful parks around the Tower.
 The Indignant are still in tents all around the Tower.


Petites xxx et Cie said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Marabeth said...

Do the indigent camp out there all summer? Or do the authorities try to get them to move out?
It looks like you had a very enjoyable visit with your relatives. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures of your city :)

Seamaiden said...

Thank you for another excellent post, Ariadne! I am loving the beautiful treasures you sent me. :) I hope you're enjoying your summer at the beach house. :)