Tuesday 5 July 2011

Students love their teachers.

On Monday 27th June hubbie and I attended the graduation from High School of some of his former students of the Experimental School of the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki. He had them at 6th Grade.
It was great to listen to the speeches of the Headmaster of the School and the Dean of the University who had graduated from the same school years ago. Both of them talked to the children about the difficult times Greece is facing and how we can all help. I really loved those speeches.
It was great to meet the children again. I had met them when hubbie was their teacher six years ago and I had followed some of their trips as the one in Athens. They also came to our house to sing the Xmas carols last year. It was so great that they still remember their teacher. Some have changed a lot and some haven't much.
 Imagine my surprise when I met one of my own former students among the graduates.Isn't she a doll?
 Hubbie and the sudents took pics of course.

During the festivities they sang a song with hubbie as it was their song from a 6th Grade theatrical play.

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