Saturday 2 January 2016

EGST Secret Santa exchange

Although I am not active anymore in my little etsy shop I decided to take part in the
 Etsy Greek Street Team Secret Santa exchange again like last year!
It was great fun!
This is what I received. Eleftheria of Personal2Treasures was so creative and generous with me.
I received a huge heavy box and wondered what was inside!
 Amazingly inside there was a heavy glass vase filled with blue aquarium pebble. The vase was covered with a handknitted case which Eleftheria suggested I can wear as a cap and indeed I can and will. It is in lovely colours!
 There were tealight candles inside the vase too. Also Eleftheria sent me some polymer clay Christmas ornaments, handcrocheted coasters and a beautiful fused glass keyring.
In total a lovely package! Thank you Eleftheria.
I was to send my gifts to Emilie of Prosinemi. She had sent me gifts in a previous exchange.
I made her one of my stones in the colours she likes.
 I added a Christmas card I made, some cards to recycle, a book to read, and a jar filled with chocolate. The jar was painted by the Art teacher at school who is amazing in making such things.
 It was a great egst exchange once again!


Ελευθερία - Eleftheria said...

I am so glad that you liked my gift! It was a great Secret Santa exchange! Hope everyone has a lovely year!!!!

Purple Pixie Dust said...

what a lovely exchange love all the gifts. hugs Lynda Ruth

Mii Stitch said...

You have received beautiful gifts!!! Your makes are adorable too :)

nikol said...

Πολύ μου αρέσουν οι ανταλλαγές !!! Νομίζω γινόμαστε παιδιά να φτιάξουμε ένα όμορφο δώρο και περιμένουμε ανυπόμονα το δικό μας !!! Υπέροχα όσα έλαβες και πολύ όμορφο και το δικό σου !!! Ετσι γλυκά να συνεχίσει η χρονιά σου Αριάδνη !!!!

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Είναι πολύ ωραία η ανταλλαγή δώρων και βέβαια ήταν πανέμορφα και αυτά που έλαβες και αυτά που έστειλες !!! Να είστε καλά και του χρόνου !!!!! Καλή Χρονιά και χρόνια πολλά !!!!

Prosinemi said...

καλη χρονια Αριαδνη ! με υγεια χαρα εμπνευση και δημιουργικοτητα !
Σ' ευχαριστω πολυ πολυ για τα ομορφα δωρακια σου , και του χρονου !