Saturday 14 June 2014

Together after the storm.

Hello friends! Welcome new followers!
Today is Saturday 14th and the school year is over! I am so so happy! I still have to go for a week for the usual school chores and a hopefully interesting teaching seminar on the 20th.
My son's exams are over apart from his last subject.That will be English on the 21st.He didn't do very well this year either unfortunately. I hope he will manage to enter a University or college though.
We still have two performances with the Drama Club. I will post accordingly when I have full information on them.
And there are still 17 days for our dream come true, our big trip to the States! I am so excited you can imagine how excited!I still have things to prepare for that trip though and I am eager to finish them.
What I want to show you today are a couple of things that happened lately.
As you might remember and as I have posted here I attended the egst party. Well there was a blogpost on their blog today and I can also be seen there as one of the instructors and I was happy to read that and see my photos.You can read it here.
  And also just recently I had taken part in a photography competition of Paralia_zo about our new sea front. Although my photos didn't win one of them was chosen to be published in the book the organisers made. I was so glad to see that photo in that book really.I had taken the photo in September 2012 after a storm. The colours are real not enhanced. You can read the whole blogpost here.
You can see the whole book here. My photo appears at the bottom centre on page 81.
It is the photo of an unknown couple who were standing admiring the colours of the sea after a storm. I named the photo Together after the storm.
You can see all the entries here.There was a voting but it is over and there was a comittee that chose the photos to be published.I am so glad they liked mine too!There were hundreds of beautiful photos. And I can't say that my camera is that good. I have an Olympus X-925.Gift from hubby years ago!
Well till the next blogpost, hope you have  a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Bravo for everything, your lovely photos and blogging are starting to pay off!

Sarah in Stitches said...

It's such a gorgeous picture! Congrats on being in the book. :D How exciting that you'll be going to the States! Where are you going?