Sunday 29 June 2014

This weekend before our trip.

We are getting ready for our trip to the States tomorrow.
This weekend was special though.
Yesterday afternoon a group of friends gathered at a neighbourhood park to do one more in my closet
workshop organized by our dear Anna.
First we gathered and while sipping coffee we took one fabric glass case that Anna made for us.We were supposed to stitch on it!
 It was Anna's  birthday though so behind her back we organized a surprise for her.
We asked Christina Ina to make a birthday cake for her that contained everything Anna loves.
 Her closet, her kitchen where she shares her creativity with us, Mafalda her favourite cartoon and buttons, lots of buttons!

Of course after eating the cake crafting followed. We stitched with free embroidery or cross stitch on the fabric glass cases.

This is what I made, something very simple.
My pupils were better than me!
It was  a great workshop and we left with a lovely cookie treat bag from Anna's sister Vasiliki of
Me to dahtylo sto vaso.
I made Anna a Mafalda keyring!
Today it was my mum's 80th birthday. We wanted to take her out and celebrate her birthday all the family together. It was  a lovely family gathering!

Just wanted to let you know that I will probably not blog at all for more than a month while our trip to the States lasts! I will probably not be able to read blogs either or answer comments. Also I have  a problem with my facebook messaging so I am a bit in the blind as to how I am going to communicate. I will be able to make some posts on facebook during the trip, I will answer personal e-mails and hopefully will add some photos on Instagram.
 I'd like to wish every one a happy summer!


Dream on the wave said...

Have a fantastic holiday, Ariadne. I am already looking forward to detailed reports. Hugs to you all.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Have a fantastic trip, Ariadne! I hope you have lots of fun :D

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Have a great time in the States!

mafaldaQ said...

That was an amazing Bday party at a special workshop and I can't find words to thank you about everything! Have an amazing trip and I will make sure that you get proper and often ksematiasma! Kisses dear!

zina said...

τελεια η τουρτα με τη Μαφαλντα!!!
Να την χαιρεστε και με το καλο και στα 100 κ όχι μονο!

Και καλο ταξίδι!!! να περάσετε τελεια!

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful holiday, Ariadne!I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time, awaiting all the lovely photos! xxx

Mii Stitch said...

Have a fabulous trip!!
Happy 80th Birthday to your mum!! She doesn't look a day over 20 xx

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Oh fun!

Poppy said...

Happy 80th birthday, to your mom, Ariadne! All the very best!

Wow! The states! Where? I'm sure you'll have lots of amazing photos for us when you get back to blogging! Have fun!!