Saturday 1 June 2013

Shop update and a giveaway!

For a time now I was trying to figure out what to make for my little etsy shop that is not jewelry (as that does not sell at all!) and to be something different from all the things I have seen so far that use sea glass!I was trying to form my creativity that has been bugging me into something new!
So I took some things!
...and came up with this idea!
How do you like it?
It is a stone I collected from my beach!
First I covered it with wet felted wool, a technique I learnt from this tutorial and I admit Lisa's stones have been an inspiration for some time now!
Then I glued some sea glass and broken shells smoothed by sea waves and then stitched one by one tiny seed beads or bigger glass beads to make a flowing pattern of water coming on the sand and leaving behind some sea treasures.
That was the idea!
I was over enthusiastic with it and started making some more stones!

Of course Barca had to inspect them and give her consent on my making some more!
The first to give me feedback was Frieda, my friend from Skiathos and my dear Marabeth from the States.
I gave Frieda this stone which she liked very much.
So I made some more stones.

Each stone is totally different from the other. Some have the same base colour felted wool, some have similar shells or the same beads but as each one is made and stitched piece by piece they are all totally different!
And they look gorgeous all together!
I have always had something with stones. I always loved collecting them and I always admired people who painted them or covered them in all kinds of ways.
I love Margie's crocheted stones which have inspired lots more people afterwards, and I am so happy I am the proud owner of one of her bigger pieces too!
And I always admired Paula's beautiful porcelain stones which of course I cannot make.
And I love all the beautiful painted stones that so many artists make, like Geninne, and have been so inspired by Lisa's wet felted embroidered stones maybe because I do cross stitch and use threads. Lisa is an expert in wet felting and needle felting and only recently did I manage to buy one of her stones which I will show you when it arrives.
Being inspired by Lisa of lilfishstudios I showed her first my stones and explained what I am doing so that to tell her that she was my inspiration and she was so sweet to let me know that she liked that.
Thank you goes to all inspiring ladies I mentioned so far!
So here are the stones you will find on my thalasseaglass which I have neglected so much!
If they sell well I will continue making them.If they don't then I guess etsy shop is not for me!LOL!But I will continue making them for myself as they look gorgeous on my table and desk!
I will be adding one stone to the shop everyday for a few days!
And of course to start this new enterprise in a beautiful way I am giving away one of my stones to a lucky follower!
This one that so reminds me of a sea anemone!
So to win, please be a follower and leave a comment on this blogpost only leaving an e-mail so that I can find you if you win. Please like my thalasseaglass on etsy and/or facebook and please feel free to share the giveaway!
I will choose a winner on Wednesday June 5th  World Environment Day at 5 in the afternoon local time (Greece).
Please keep your fingers crossed with this!


Annuk said...

They look gorgeous and really unique!!! I have never seen anything like them! I love the combination of textures, materials and colors! Such a beautiful way to incorporate the lovely Greek sea finds into one unique decorative item!
Good luck with your new enterprise!!! :)
It would be great to be the lucky winner! :) I'm already your follower, and I had already hearted your shop on Etsy :)

prpltrtl946 said...

I too already follow you here and on etsy! But I would still love to have one of your stones to nest with my Lisa stones!!
Good Luck with this new art!! These are fantastic!! 8*)

Sarah in Stitches said...

They are so beautiful! Your creativity is amazing, Ariadne. I love that gorgeous big blue one in the top left corner - blue is my favorite color! :D I'd love to enter your giveaway. If I don't win, I might just have to splurge a little on Etsy and get one for myself :P

ROSELLA69 said...

Ciao io sono una delle tue prime foolower,sono davvero bellissime,l'anemone di mare mi piace molto complimenti,ciao un abbraccio.

Lisa said...

Very creative!!! They are beautiful. Would love to win one.
Lisa Williams

Debbie said...

Your stones are beautiful! Very unique and such lovely colors! Good luck with them on your etsy shop!

Dream on the wave said...

Of course I am already a follower, but also your biggest fan! They look great and are very special since I know how they are made with such love. I wish you good luck and many many sales.

butterfly said...

Your stones look beautiful, Please add my name too.

Algodão Tão Doce said...

Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e achei maravilhoso.Visite:
Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


Beijos Marie.


Kaisievic said...

So beautiful, Ariadne - please count me in your giveaway. I have made you a favourite on Etsy and posted about them on FB. Good luck with selling them - they are certainly unique.

Anonymous said...

your pieces are very interesting ariadne!
beautiful combinations of stones, shells
and little beads!
i am happily taking part to your
have a good new week and a good new month!