Friday 31 May 2013

June already!

It seems that time flies and I am unable to reach/write my blog as often as I would like!
What am I doing these days?
Well school is coming to its end so we have lots to do there. And some spring cleaning is taking place in our flat.
Of course my son is sitting for his entrance University exams therefore we have to deal with that "nuisance"!
And lots of rehearsals and performances are taking place! In contrast to other years this Spring we have more performances so not much free time.
I admit I spend a lot of time on ....the Internet, reading blogs, looking at Instagram and etsy photos, and on facebook of course!Too bad! But we won't have this chance at the beach house so I will do more intellectual  creative things there hopefully!
Tomorrow it is June and time to show you the page from that vintage book I had found.
I remembered that I hadn't shown you the May page either so here they are.
Remember to come back tomorrow for a shop update and a giveaway!


Annuk said...

I love vintage books, and these images are so lovely and so sweetly "oldfashioned"! They look like they may be from the 60s... they remind me of my childhood books!

Sarah in Stitches said...

I love the June picture! That little girl looking at a world map...that's almost exactly what I'm doing right now! :D

butterfly said...

What beautiful books, you are a woman of my own heart , I love looking at vintage books and children's books take me back in time to my childhood . I am still a child at heart. hugs.

Kaisievic said...

Good luck to your son with his exams. Love the vintage pictures, thanks for sharing them.