Sunday 2 June 2013


Thank you every one for your comments on my blog, on facebook, sea glass sites and by private e-mails about the sea glass  felted wool stones with beads I have been making.
I shared the photos and news about it everywhere,on my etsy shop thalasseaglass, blog, facebook and all sea glass sites! Hopefully people will like them!
I am planning to make as many as I can! I love making them and looking at them, and they do look beautiful many together!
And do take part in the giveaway I posted about yesterday!
Now I want to talk about something else,about what is happening in my patrida(homeland) Turkey. This is the country I was born in but I am a Greek so I have two homelands Constantinople (Istanbul-Turkey) and Thessaloniki (Greece)
At the moment in Istanbul and other major cities riots are taking place.
It all started with a demonstration against the destruction of a park in the High Street of Istanbul call Istiklal in the Taksim area. Police were very violent against this demonstration using chemical gas weapons against the demonstrators. That led to more demonstrations all over Turkey.
The governemnt shut down the news, the Internet and people have no news of what is happening, of deaths, and injuries etc
I am forwarding links I have found on the Internet for my International friends to learn what is happening there and hope that all my friends in Turkey keep safe!
You can read this blog in Turkish and English and find links.
You can read here and here.And more.

Independence Monument on Istiklal, Istanbul, Turkey when I was on a school visit there in April 2011.


butterfly said...

So sad about Turkey and many other countries, there is allot of unrest every where we also have demonstrations here.
Some times it's the only way people can have their say.
It is becoming a very sad world.

Annuk said...

This is aweful... I am so worried for my boyfriend who is in Turkey at the moment (Antalya).

Kaisievic said...

That is such dreadful news, Ariadne, I hope that it all settles down very soon without more people being hurt.

bahar006 said...

Our pm doesn't love the people who didn't vote his party. İf there is a problem on somewhere, it is always about the opposition party's voters.

Until the government listen to these people, this fight will continue...