Tuesday, 2 October 2012

This weekend in Thessaloniki.

So have a nice month everyone! I know I should have said this yesterday! Can you believe it is October already? Have you started Christmas mail? If I don't start in a couple of days I will be behind again! I so much want to send handmade cards that's why!
Anyway some of my colleagues at school have started making muffins already and I am so glad I have persuaded them.
So last weekend we had a rehearsal on the new play we will be mounting for adults not children with the Teacher's Drama club. That was on Friday evening.
Then on Saturday morning we took a walk at the sea front. It was hot,hot,hot...and misty....

Of course we had to go to the supermarket for the week's groceries too.
Then in the evening it was the wedding party of last week's wedding!It was fun!The party took place at the space of another drama club and it was great meeting people we know. We also saw lots of decorations by our stage manager and the food was excellent. I contributed my potato salad.

 That's the favour from the wedding. It was handmade by the groom's aunt.
On Sunday morning we went to the seafront again to the rowing regatta to watch the races. Unfortunately we were late and only caught the closing ceremony but then had lunch with hubby's brother and his wife.I also had the chance again to meet old friends.


Ale said...

oh no! should I get started on my christmas cards too? seems like it's so far away, but probably it's not. The food looks delicious, I want!

Carole said...

What a beautiful place to gather with friends.


butterfly said...

Again wonderful photos, you live in such a wonderful part of the world.
The wedding photos look beautiful too.
Well I have started to buy a few Christmas things.