Thursday 9 February 2012

A leap year

Feeling down has made me avoid blogging recently because I thought I would not write a happy blogpost and I hate that! Anyway the reasons for being down are many, big and small.
2012 is a leap year and I am afraid it is not bringing good luck so far not to Greece, not to our family, not to our friends.
My sea glass friend Angela's father suddenly died.
Theo Angelopoulos' sudden death cost hubby's Godson so much as he was working on his last movie.
The weather has been terrible,everywhere, all over Greece, too cold, snowing and here in town it is so cold and snowing from time to time but without covering the streets.We have been spending so much on heating!
The financial situation is getting worse and worse. Our government is talking and agreeing with the Europeans and as a result we will have less money in our salaries and in our pensions! Young people under 25 years old will get 400 euros salary! Can they live and start a family like that? I am afraid the majority of our young generation will move out of Greece.
On the other hand demands on teachers are more and more. And parents don't make things easier I would say.When you do your best with what you have and hear no thank you but instead accusations for inability then you just have to wonder where we are going to!
A shattered dream of mine for a trip has made things worse in my mood recenlty. We can't even dream any more.
And money is demanded more and more, taxes, extra taxes, bills, extra bills, sudden damages in car and house, all demand to pay more. Where from?
I have only been stitching lately and reading.These are the only two free past times of mine!And TV of course!
I am glad I don't need to buy new books, I have many unread in my library and there is a lending library in the neighbourhood too.Also I don't need to buy threads as I had bought most DMC colours years ago so I still have to use them to stitch. Nothing else. No going out. No shopping. No Internet shopping either. I am afraid I won't do any more Internet shopping for the next couple of months.
I haven't written any letters and I still haven't thanked so many people for their lovely gifts.I promise a blogpost about these generous friends of mine soon.
I hope you are feeling much better than me and your life is going smoothly and happily!


Kathy A. said...

I am so sorry that you are feeling so down right now. Sending ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) and hoping that things improve for you.

Lisa said...

I have wondered why you have not blogged. Hope all gets better for you and your family and Country.

prpltrtl946 said...

Aww Ariadne,

I have been reading your blog for a long time. I very rarely post anywhere, but today you touched my heart and I needed to tell you that I am sending many good wishes your way!!

I know how it feels to have little control over your own life!! It does not feel good! I hope things improve for you soon!!

I think teachers being treated badly is universal, so you are not alone with that! (I am in the USA.)

Thank you for a lovely blog! I wish you all the best!
Melissa 8*)

Dream on the wave said...

Hi Ariadne,
Yes, these are very difficult times and it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel (especially if you turn on the tv) but we have to keep our heads up high.
Anyhow, I am in the neighborhood and I hope we can do some fun things together. I’ll call you tomorrow.
Love, Frieda

Carole said...

I know how much you and your country are suffering. It's ok to write about doesn't have to be all about happy things. I have found that blogging has helped to take my mind off the negatives in my life.

I wish you the best,


Unknown said...

Dear Ariadne, Each time I listen to the news, I feel heart broken, sad, we only hear bad news from everywhere, but you know that your country has a special place in my heart, and to hear such bad news breaks my heart!
We are your friends and are there to share your bad moments and your happy ones!
If blogging about all those bad moments help you, then do it!
Sending you lots of love and kisses,xxxxx

Seamaiden said...

(((HUGS))) to you, dear Ariadne. You have much to be sad about and if you need to write it out here, then we are here to love & support you. I am so sorry about your trip, the financial situations, and the pressure you are facing as a teacher. I know your students love you and benefit from your kindness, dedication, persistence and love.

Marabeth said...

Ariadne....never give up dreaming. Maybe the big dreams will not be close at hand at this time but the little dreams can make you smile finding a treasure by the roadside. I hope you find your smile each day.