Sunday 5 February 2012

All kinds of things.

 This bundle of ribbons was lying around on the curb so I gathered it up and here it is clean and inside a box ready to be used somehow.
 These golden leaves were stuck on a huge branch of a tree and was decorating inside a museum in my neighbourhood for an exhibition. When they threw the branch out of the museum I painstakingly and patiently collected all the leaves!!!!!
 This lovely letter and birthday card arrived recently for my birthday from my dear friend in the Azores Maria Jose!
 I recently taught my students how to smile!!!!!!

 And fruit!


Angry Blue-green Bee said...

You salvaged the ribbon and leaves :) I love how you find beauty in everything.

Carole said...

Love the smiles and the silver skeleton leaves. I wonder how they make them that way?the leaves that is.


Anna said...

Those smiles are so fun and silly!

Seamaiden said...

LOL! Love this!