Monday 27 February 2012


As my readers probably know I am an amateur actress apart from teacher. I belong in Dithyramvos ex Amaxis, the Teachers' Association Drama Club of Thessaloniki.
Every year we mount a play for children and do various others performances, book presentations etc.
That needs lots of rehearsals that we do twice a week. And of course our only satisfaction out of this is our joy during acting.
This year two members of the team Afrodite Ioannou and Ioanna Katsarou wrote a play for us. "Koutornithia" is the land of silly hens. They are happily living in a modern egg production plant but they are not aware of what happens to their eggs which vanish every day.
One day a strange bird lands in their place and they want to throw it out as it is different from them. But the bird helps them to realise what they are and the dirty pig explains why their eggs vanish.
It is a funny play with lots of messages about industrialisation and racism. We acted the play twice a day for schools for a week (20th-24th February) and on the 24th we acted a third time in the evening for the public.
The play was directed by our fellow teacher and actress Vana Vourtsaki.
Here are photos from the performances.You can see more photos here.
Me, the red hen Pardalo with the pig,my hubby!
 One of the geese and the unknown bird, a hoopoe.
 The whole group together.
 The red hen.
 The cat the policeman.
 The forgetful hen.
 The new rooster and the no-eggs hen.
 The knowall turkey.
 The journalist mouse.
 The orange hen.

 The red hen with the mole.
 Marianna did my face painting. Students from the Beautician's Faculty always do their practice with us.


Marabeth said...

What fun you must have performing this play!! But also a lot of work applying and removing your make-up for 2 performances a day. It must be a delight to hear the giggles and laughter from the children! I can tell Themis, the pig, is very happy standing next to the beautiful red hen :)

Lisa said...

Great costumes!! Glad you are having fun doing something you like to do.

Seamaiden said...

I love it! What a wonderful way to bring cheer and goodwill to a hurting place. You're the best, Ariadne!