Wednesday 29 February 2012

Carnival days

We don't usually have the chance to go to Carnival parties any more. When my son was younger I used to take him to Carnival birthday parties of his friends. And years back I used to get dressed even at school to amuse my students.
Well this year we were invited at a Carnival party the evening after the performances finished. It was a party organised by our play director and her other amateur drama team. We only had to take some drink or snack so we took some sweet red wine,my favourite, and some crisps and went dressed into what else our performance clothes. We didn't have anything else anyway.
I was the red hen and hubby was the pig!LOL!
We had fun, danced a lot to songs of our times of youth,disco etc. That was fun!

 Dancing to the rhythm!

 "There is money;come and get it!"George Papandreou

 The vine!An excellent costume.

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Seamaiden said...

I love this post!!! You make an adorable red hen, and your hubby's tie is fantastic!!! Thanks for the smiles, friend. :)