Thursday 29 December 2011

My Xmas cards

I sent various types of Xmas cards this year.
I try to use up all the cards I have already before start making or buying new ones.
Some of my cards were handmade, others cross stitched and some had added sea glass on them for my sea glass friends.
Here are some of the cards already received.
To Marabeth a trashstories postcard where I added sand, sea glass, shells and sea pottery!
 To some of my sea glass friends this IKEA card with added sea glass gifts.

 To other sea glass friends this card from the anti-rheumatism children's charity. My mum assisted that charity years ago and she had bought hundreds of their cards to help them out. I have been sending them for years, giving them to students and I still have a lot!!!!!!!
 To blog friends and pen pals I added beads on their cards. One of them had an added bonus. The way I added the beads ended up with another design on the back. It wasn't intentional but I loved the end result. That one went to Margie of Resurrection Fern.

Believe it or not I forgot to photograph most of the cards I sent!!!!!!!

Blogpost edited: Unfortunately all the photos on this blogpost were deleted due to Picasa problems.


Lisa said...

beautiful cards, I was lucky to receive one. You are very creative.

Marabeth said...

I loved the way you made the card come "alive" with all the additios of sea glass, sand, shells and of course the trash :) It was quite unique and a very creative way to enhance the card. Thank you for taking the time to personalize it!

Marabeth said...

ooops....."additions"....I should always preview before submitting :)