Saturday 17 December 2011

My photo diary.

A good way for me to keep a diary is by taking photos everywhere I go every day and of whatever I receive, I buy, I see, I admire, I watch, I read.
It is a great assistance to me when I write my blog to see the photos and add to my blog posts.
But as in other things too I am behind here also.
Here we are on December 17th and I still blog about things we did in the end of November. So today I will simply add together the last photos of November to finish up.
I am taking the chance here to thank you all for following, reading, commenting or simply visiting from time to time. I recently got comments from a reader from India too. I can't believe how huge/tiny this blog world is.
So in the last few days of November we visited our friend's Tasos school called Koperti for a shadow puppet performance. They have decorated the school so beautifully with colourful paper ribbons.

 And inside it is like a toy museum.
 So colourful.
 The shadow puppet theatre screen.
 Shadows everywhere.
 Karaghiozis and Kopritis.
 Little friends tried out their skills in shadow puppet playing.
 And they also made shadow puppets.
 In the end of November I also received my purchase of an original painting collage by Geninne.
 The umbrellas.
 I planted some hyacinth bulbs in some reclaimed plant pots from my school clearance.
 I received some more little gifts from my friend Margrit from Istanbul.
 And we celebrated my dear's birthday with a delicious lemon pie (no I didn't make it) and a visit from his son and a surprise visit from his Godson.
The end...of November.

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Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a lovely way to end November!

Wishing you a equally wonderful December. :)