Monday 19 December 2011

Bazaar (2) and a walk.

On December 4th I went to the French Institute bazaar. I bought some handmade and some second-hand things all very reasonably priced. Like in the previous bazaar post these cost me about 10 euros all together.
 The majority of these are for school use and for gifts.
I loved this Little Red Riding Hood coming along with grandma for story telling at school.
 And this little teddy bear from England can be my assistant at the young ones. The elephant is fantastic, in very good condition and I loved the colour!
 This was handmade by the students of the school and I bought it to copy at my school at some point.
 After the bazaar we went for coffee with my brother and my sister-in-law in Kalamaria, a city suburb.
I loved the colourful balloons and the carouzel.
 Someone was selling a blowing bubbles tool. Aren't they gorgeous and so difficult to take a picture of!

 There was an ice skating ring.
 The sky was blue and planes passed over our heads.
 We did some window shopping. Lovely windows filled with Christmas ornaments.

 And another curb find. Don't you love that frame with all the little flowers on it?

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Seamaiden said...

PURE MAGIC!!! What a lovely post - thank you for the glorious bubble photos - they are supreme. :)