Tuesday 13 September 2011

More photos of the visit.

 We did a bit of sightseeing as it was Barbara's first time in Greece but mostly we spent time with relatives and friends who hadn't seen Antony for 18 years and some even for forty!
 Three brothers and two sisters-in-law!
 Little black fellow wanted to eat!
 Seagulls waiting ..........
 A huge anchor outside the restaurant.....
 The Trigoniou Tower at the Old City.
 Picturesque little houses.....
 Saint Demetrius church.This saint is the Protector Saint of Thessaloniki.
 At the catacombes under the church.

 The Ancient Forum.
 Blue flowers spotted at a visit to relatives.

 The three brothers in 1957.
Barbara and Antony are safely home in South Africa after a long tiring trip. We had a great time together and we got along so well. It was the first time I met them and it was the first time hubby met Barbara too. Hopefully we will meet again soon.

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Margie Oomen said...

what a wonderful reunion
happy september