Thursday 22 September 2011


I love IKEA.
I know lots of people in Greece who think we should not support big firms or non-Greek firms etc due to the financial crisis but I really love IKEA and anyway lots of locals work there.
I love their style,their clean lines, their affordable furniture and little luxuries. I only wish their products were cheaper in Greece like they are in other countries.
What I also know is that every September the shop is filled with students who just entered University and are buying good cheap furniture from there and seeing all those young faces happy to be decorating their first own home is quite a sight.
Anyway every September I am looking forward to the IKEA catalogue that arrives at home. As soon as it does I keep it on my bedside table and before I go to sleep I dream about rearranging furniture, changing the kitchen, little details here and there and the fantastic Ektorp sofas!Sometimes I can't even fall asleep because of the excitement!
Unfortunately as things have turned out here it is impossible for me to do any major changes but at least I can still afford a couple of small accessories that can make my home more beautiful and me happier.
Here are my favourite pages of this year's catalogue.

 Isn't that sofa beautiful?

 The Billy bookcase,I have it everywhere in the house.
 Beautiful blue blown glass details.
 I love these pots. I am definitely buying some in my next visit to Ikea.
 This white table lamp is gorgeous!
I am also adding the link of the online catalogue for those of you who can't have the paper one and also here is a site I recently found of people who change IKEA furniture and use them in their own way,hence their name  IKEA hackers.

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