Thursday 1 September 2011

Going on in July....

 I did not do many handicrafts in summer, I mostly relaxed while reading books and swam a lot as I needed it for my Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. But I did stitch a bit with beads on this boring cushion.And attached some ready made bead designs and some ribbons.
 One of the books I read was Muriel Barbery's The elegance of the hedgehog. If you like philosophical books with an unexpected ending then this is the book for you.
 I added some pebbles next to my candles. We had lots of mosquitoes so I use citronella candles.
 Sometimes the clouds were absolutely beautiful.
 I looked after my neighbour's orchid for a couple of days so I took advantage of having it at home and took lots of photos.

 The sea was so beautiful at times.
 And the children playing at the beach were casting shadows.
 The firefighting planes were returning home to Thessaloniki every evening.

 I collected some beautiful sea glass but not much.

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Seamaiden said...

Hello love! I'm WAAYYY behind!!
Enjoying playing catch-up with your lovely blog. :)