Wednesday 14 September 2011

Books I read this summer.

My son wouldn't read it so I read it myself.
Rene Guillot Le maitre des elephants. Guillot has won the Andersen award.This book brings you to the depth of Africa.Views of a continent I will probably never have the chance to see.
 I don't love her anymore by Thanassis Cheimonas....not something worth reading.I won this book on a bookshop contest.

The elegance of the hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.
If you have the patience to read it it is good,rather philosophical.
Kostas Pretenderis Holidays and Holly-days, a funny book.
Fredy Germanos Relax and other stories and Dimitris Psathas Justice is upset. Two more funny books.
Ines of my soul by Isabel Allende. A great book about a long lived love,the saga of the founding of the Kingdom of Chile.
Another of my son's long unread books.Andrea White's Surving Antarctica.

Brunonia Barry's The Lace reader. Almost knew what would follow. A detective story of a kind.I bought it for the lovely lace on the cover I admit!
Another teenager's book Tobie Lolness by Timothe de Fombell
Teaching English to very young learners.
La Bella Otero by Carmen Posadas,the biography of the beautiful dancer.

The treasure of the Isle of Mist written by a scholar who admires Greece W.W.Tarn.
My favourite for the summer
The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood,it is excellent,keeps you there,you really want to finish it and not to finish if you know what I mean.
This summer I decided I would read books I already had in my library unread and I am glad I kept to my goal!

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Unknown said...

You are lucky to have time to read, enjoy it!I don't and regret it so much :(
My son's favorite authors are David Gemmell, David Eddings, Pierre Grimbert, Stan Nicholls, James Clemens!
Try getting him those, might interest him!