Saturday, 6 May 2017

April the month of the hospitals!

I am sure, dear readers and followers, that some of you might be fed up with everything happening in my corner of the world that is health related but that's how life is and hence the title of the blog post again!
But anyway April did not start with hospitals.It started with a doll making workshop at
Koumpi Coffee and crafts cafe with the excellent doll making teacher Yiota. This workshop was given to me as a gift and I thought of taking it in April! Thank you so much Anna!
That's the first doll amateurs learn to make.Her name is Dalia. Isn't she sweet?
In the first lesson Yiota showed us how to transfer the patterns on fabric and how to hand stitch them.I didn't expect to have so much patience with it.
We then had to finish the handstitching at home and turn the doll inside out!
We then had to stitch the hair and shoes and fill the doll.
 Barca wasn't really happy with my new doll!
I then finished the doll by fitting the hair, making braids and fitting the shoes.
I even made a backpack  for her.
Look at those details!
Barca seemed even more disappointed with the doll!
Unfortunately due to my mum's health problems I didn't make it to the fourth lesson where we were going to learn how to stitch the facial features and some more details but hopefully I will manage to do this in future.
In April I attended a meeting with my book club So little sleeping and so much reading.
We had a book exchange and here's what I got.
In April I attended one more great shadow puppetry performance by Yiannis Chatzis. It was a historical play again at Vafopouleion Institute.
As the weather started being sunny and warm hubby and I walked the sea front a lot. We had glimpses of the we couldn't take part in it.

I also went to one Easter bazaar only at the harbour. It was organized by Merimna Charity.
The view of the city from the harbour was superb!

I tried not to spend too much money so here is what I got, some books and a beautiful ceramic dish from Rhodes island! The magazines were taken for free and were donated already.
On another seafront walk we saw a school exhibition of  buildings made by pupils.

And there was also a demonstration against the municipality wanting to build more cafes on the seafront.
Walking Barca is a great past time especially when the weather is good.

In April flowers bloomed all around and living in the city it is not the most common sight to see them but on the way to school I noticed this beautiful wisteria!
Even birds love this corner.
In April I decorated for Easter
First I put up all the stitched eggs I made this Easter. That's the first time that I stitched so much for Easter!

And that's the rest of the decoration.My ceramics, my favourite ceramic hen, a gift fromf my aunt, the eggs I had turned into little animals when my son was five and the wooden eggs I got from an Easter bazaar last year.All of them on top of my mum's Easter embroidery.

This Easter I also made the candle for my Godson who loves music!
In April my balcony flowers kept beautiful
and so did the weather.
In April I went to one more charity workshop at Koumpi Coffee and crafts cafe organised by Anna of In My Closet. We made these lovely cork coasters.
 Look how Anna is shooting her gorgeous photos!
 In April I prepared my Balinese Dancer cross stitch to be framed.
In April the mail brought a postcard from dear Cathy who travelled all the way to New Zealand.
I also received an Easter gift from dear Lynda Ruth from faraway Canada.She knitted me a scarf and added some more lovely gifts.Thank you Lynda!Lynda has Purple Pixie Dust blog.
 And this is what I received in the Easter Exchange Kaye of Kitten Stitching organised.Thank you so much Kaye!I will soon blog about the exchange and what I stitched too!
And now to explain the title of this blog post.
In April I spent hours at school for official administration work up until Holy Wednesday and five minutes after I returned home relieved that I will get some rest and enjoy the holidays my mum had her first stroke!
Every time I find myself in a sad situation I try to distract my mind with taking pictures and reading.
Here are photos from inside Gennimatas Hospital.

Empty spaces as it was Holy Week and not too many people were around.
The nearby park.
So we spent Holy Week in hospital.
When my mum got out of hospital we spent Easter Sunday at my brother's.
We were happy and hopeful!
As my mum was getting better, we took her to her doctors for various tests.The tests were good.
 I had some time to have coffee with my friends as she was feeling better and could stay alone at home.
Koumpi coffee and crafts cafe was beautifully decorated for spring.
But my mum unfortunately had a second stroke on the last Thursday of the month just fifteen days after her first.And was taken to Papanikolaou Hospital.
 Empty spaces again as it was the long May 1st weekend ahead!
 But the hospital has beautiful surroundings!
 Secret gardens...
Old doors...and shutters....
 Old windows....and window panes....
 and lots of stray dogs....
My mum stayed in hospital for a week and was transferred at a rehabilitation centre. I will talk about that in the next month's blog post.I don't know how long my mum will stay in there but we have a long way ahead of us! I am sure you will all keep my mum in your thoughts and prayers!
Barca in April missed my mum and my son a lot. She took the liberty to sleep on his bed even when he was not at home.
She was our best patient friend while waiting long hours for us to return from hospital!
She patiently also waited for some pop corn from me but  I couldn't give her any!
Spending a lot of time in hospital gave me the chance to read more! The books I read this month were in Greek.

This month I received some gifts too. This lovely gift from Christina of Celdeconail.Isn't it gorgeous?
This lovely scarf 
and this pigeon brooch from friends from school! Thank you all!
If you made it up to the end Congrats! Thank you all for your wishes and support! Have a great month of May and let's hope the title of my next blog post will be more positive and optimistic!


Kerryp77 said...

Sorry to hear about your mum, I hope she makes a recovery soon. Beautiful Easter display and the Doll is very cute.

devonseaglass said...

Worrying yet hopeful; best wishes.

eleanna said...

Αχ Αριάδνη, μέσα από την καρδιά μου εύχομαι όλα να πάνε καλά και να γυρίσετε όλοι μαζί σπιτι και υγειείς! Οι φωτογραφίες σου ωστόσο, είναι υπέροχες. Φιλιά πολλά και καλό κουράγιο

KimM said...

Oh my goodness! My heart goes out to you, my friend. I understand what you are going through, as my mother had her first stroke almost 4 years ago now.....all I can say is to savor every moment you have with her. Time passes too quickly, but sweet memories remain. Hugs

Kim said...

What a worrisome time for you all. Hoping your mum is making progress in rehab. This post is filled with lovely sights to behold. Your doll is sweet; love the hair. Love the cross stitch eggs you decorated for Easter. Lovely gifts you were gifted, Ariadne. May this week bring you some good news re your mum's health.

in my closet said...

Περαστικά σας και πάλι και γρήγορη ανάρρωση να έχετε. Χαίρομαι που έκανες την κούκλα και σου άρεσε <3

Christy ♥ said...

Hola Ariadna, te agradezco por todo lo que nos compartes en tu blog. Muy lindos los huevos de pascua, tu ciudad esta preciosa, cariños a barca y los regalos están todos preciosos.
No sabes como siento lo de tu mama, espero que este mes nos des buenas noticias en cuanto a su salud.


Mii Stitch said...

Such worrying time. I do hope your mum recovers well.
I love all your hard work on the doll!! She really is pretty.

Lillie said...

Beautiful post, thanks for sharing the lovely scenery of the harbor and your lovely Easter stitching including your doll. Hope your mom is recovering well from her treatment.

Barb said...

I certainly will keep your mom in my thoughts and my prayers. It is amazing that you found so much beauty at and around the hospital. Good for you. I loved the photos from your water front, just lovely.

zina said...

Αριαδνη μου καλη δύναμη! περαστικα σας !

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a very long and eventful month. The good things were the lovely doll you made and the beautiful photographs you took. Your Easter display is lovely too. I must organise mine next year!
Sorry that your Mum is not in the best health, I hope the gardens around the hospital brought some cheer to her.

Bethan said...

Sorry about your mum - I hope the rehabilitation goes well. On the other side, your doll looks amazing and thank you for sharing so many amazing photos. Your Easter decorations are lovely too x

Sheryl said...

Interesting post as always, pretty work and books and love your new doll - great shoes :-) Sorry about your mum´s health and hope she will be better soon.

AppleApricot Wen said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry, I hope your mom is doing better now? Is she recovering? So good of you that you saw so much beauty around you in and around the hospital during such a distressing time. The weathered doors and windows are truly beautiful. Reading and taking photos, stitching, it really does help to set your mind to something else then. Gorgeous stitching by the way, I love love those bright pink braids of your doll and the matching sweet shoes and backpack! And poor Barca, so much she has to go through and not even one little tiny piece of pop corn?? lol ;) Take care, sweetie, hopefully your mom will be on the mends and up and running very soon. Hugs xx