Sunday 5 June 2016


This week in Our Beautiful World the word is 
chosen by dear Wen of  Love a Rustic Life.
What's a reflection? We see them everywhere. On flat surfaces, on water surfaces, on glass surfaces, in mirrors.
Metaphorically children are the reflections of their parents. And politicians are the reflection of the people of a country.
Also a reflection is a long consideration or thought on something.
I have given serious reflection recently on the bad behaviour of parents against teachers and in front of their children because the teacher simply did what they should do and nothing more. It hurt me, then made me angry. Then I just gave way and thought of showing you here the reflections I spotted around me at times instead. Simply because I always want to reflect on the beauty around me and forget the ugliness.
Here's the reflection of the sky and the buildings opposite my school on the glass of our Teachers' Room table.

Here's the reflection of the setting sun on the asphalt of the avenue by the sea front.
Here's the cruet I bought from the ceramics studio where I learn ceramics.You can see the reflection of my blue kitchen wall and small balcony in the mirror too.
Here's the reflection of light and the curtains again at school on the Teachers' Room table.
Here are the reflections of the stars on the water surface in the paintings the children at school made with the assistance of the Art Teacher!

Can you see the reflection of the light on my ceramic pot?
And can you guess what this is? It's the reflection of the sky on the pond at the nearby park. Can you spot the turtle?
See the reflection of the setting sun on the sea?
And the light reflecting on s\the sea here?
See the reflections of light in the dark room....
and the reflections on the water in the pond under the bridge.
Reflections of light on the mirror at Emigre cafe while sipping coffee with friends.
And people reflecting on the mirrors at Achilleion Corfu island.

And remember your behaviour is the reflection of your personality and most of all remember that your reflection makes a difference in the world.
 Why don't you join us with your reflections at Our Beautiful World.?


Ros Crawford said...

You have some wonderful shots for the prompt!! I love the one with the bridge ... Thanks so much for your kind words Ariadne ... Have a lovely day!

Jeanneke said...

Beautiful post, beautiful photos!

riitta k said...

A great assortment of various reflections. Your ceramic pot is beautiful and me too like the old bridge. Happy Sunday!

Jeanneke said...

I forgot to tell you I do love the fantastic Van Gogh-like paintings.

nikol said...

Οι αντανακλαστικές σου φωτογραφίες υπέροχες όλες !!!
Η λέξη αντανάκλαση έχει μεγάλη απήχηση μέσα μου και λυπάμαι βαθιά όταν οι γονείς αντανακλούν ιδέες άσχημες και συμπεριφορές ανάρμοστες στα παιδιά τους . Οι λέξεις μας και οι κινήσεις μας είναι όντως οι αντανακλάσεις του ψυχισμού μας !!!
Φιλάκια και καλή εβδομάδα!!

Ελένη B said...

Ω ρε Αριάδνη!!! σε τι σκέψεις με έβαλες να ξέρεις....
Πολύ σωστά τα είπες!!!!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Awesome post Ariadne!
Sorry for the delay of the answer - I won't be in Greece this trip but I would certainly love to do so next time! : )

Sending love from Amsterdam!

butterfly said...

Another fantastic post.

Lillie said...

oh wow! What a wonderful way to look at the world around you. Beautifully captured even from the children's perspective.

cedarmerefarm said...

Perfect reflections! Nicely done Ariadne.

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos, Ariadne.

Indira said...

Great photos. I love the ones of waters best.

zina said...

καλα φοβερες οι φωτο, φοβερη η ιδεα!

AppleApricot Wen said...

A very beautiful and thoughtful post, Ariadne. With beautiful reflections. You have such a wonderful eye for the beauty in the world around you and a talent to share it with others. Thank you so much dear! Hugs xx

Thalia Tzellou said...

Υπέροχη ανάρτηση! Καταπληκτικές φωτογραφίες!