Monday 1 February 2016

Birthday girl!

Have a great month everyone!
Last week on January 28th it was my birthday! My 50th!
As it was an important number hubby and I had decided to celebrate it on the next day at a tavern with some friends but then we both went down with a cold so we didn't arrange anything or invite anyone!
By Thursday, the birthday day, we were almost ok but it was too late for invitations!
I didn't miss a day of school inspite my cold and on Thursday morning I made key lime pie for my colleagues at school who really loved it.
Suddenly a big bouquet arrived with hubby behind it who surprised me pleasantly! He had done that once again many many years ago!
After the first shock my 1st graders and hubby sang "Happy Birthday" to me and then he took the flowers home as I had more hours on my timetable.
Barca was really hungrily happily looking at the flowers when I returned home!
I spent the rest of the day answering the hundreds of wishes that by e-mail and on facebook I received and which were very very sweet!
Thank you everyone who took the time to send me a message with wishes. I appreciate it so much!
This card was from Angela in Canada and there are so many more I can't possibly show all of them but they are on my page on facebook.
And I thought my birthday was over!
The next day Friday 29th was EGST pie cutting meeting at Dimiourgies cafe in Kalamaria.
 Vivika of The Wandering Deer had organized everything.We gathered about 15 people and exchanged ideas and good laughs. We also made a small woven pendant.The pie was delicious but I didn't win the coin! I was very lucky though because one of the fellow Etsy friends gave me a beautiful handmade piece of art. You can find Manos' popRenaissance shop on etsy and his work is highly artistic! Thank you Manos for the gift!
On Saturday morning I attended the "Fairy tales around the world" performance with narrative and music at the local children's library. Maria Gkogka my old friend from the camp was the narrator and and Anastasia Alexaki and Olga Zerva the musicians. It was  a really beautiful performance!
On Saturday evening we had one more InMyCloset workshop meeting this time not in Anna' cozy kitchen but at Koumbi coffee & crafts. We had booked our places in this workshop a long time ago but till the end we didn't know what we were going to make. Anna had said it was a surprise! And indeed it was.
When I arrived at 7, the time of the workshop, everyone was already there and I was impressed by everyone's punctuality as usually I go first!
And guess what! It was not a "real" workshop! It was  a surprise birthday party for me!!!!!!!
I was so so touched by all the girls' thoughtfulness!
There was a delicious chocolate cake,
that was served in beautiful "English" dishes with assorted napkins,
there was a beautiful handmade card made by Kikitsa Stav, with a beautiful window open out to sunshine.
I really loved the interpretation she gave why she made the card like that . You can read all about it in her blog here.
There was a gift which I will spend in no time soon at IKEA.The girls know me so well!
But most of all there was so much care and love and friendship that I was very very touched!
 We had coffee and drinks and played board games and had a good laugh and it was fun!
Thank you Anna for organising all this.
And thank you to each and every one of the girls Kikitsa, Katerina, Evangelia, Elsa, Sophie, Eleanna, Nefeli, Angeliki and Vangelitsa who were present and Demetra, Christina and Christina, Efi, Lina, Martha, Vasso and Lia who couldn't be there!
They had all been organising this "behind" my back over on facebook, by privately chatting and managed to keep it a secret! How sweet is that!
The next morning Sunday 31st, I had one more surprise a birthday cake for me after our shadow puppet performance at Koperti from hubby and our best man and best friend Tassos, the school owner.
The weekend ended with a gorgeous sunset, a gift from the sky!
It was a great birthday! It's such a great feeling to be loved! Thank you everyone!


Jacqueline Morris said...

Oh my goodness, belated happy birthday wishes :)
It sure looks like you ended up having a marvellous couple of happy birthday days!!
Big smiles :)

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Well, happy belated birthday dear friend, glad the girls gave you a surprise party. You have a treasureful of wonderful friends and hubby's are beautiful. Just so wonderful. Big Birthday Hugs from me.

nikol said...

Χρόνια πολλά , καλά και δημιουργικά !!! Σου εύχομαι τα καλύτερα Αριάδνη γιατί είσαι μια γυναίκα που ασχολείσαι με πολλά και όμορφα πράγματα !!
Βελούδινα τριαντάφυλλα αγάπης από τον αντρούλη σου και πολλά πολλά όμορφα για σένα !!!
Καλή συνέχεια με ότι κάνεις!!!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Sorry that we missed your birthday, hope you had a wonderful time! Happy Belated Birthday!

butterfly said...

Wishing you late Birthday Wishes , looks like you had a lovely time .
You are so loved by all your friends hugs.

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Να ζήσεις σαν τα ψηλά βουνά και πάντα με χαρά, αγάπη, πολλά ενδιαφέροντα και όμορφες δημιουργίες !!!! Φιλιά !!!!

zina said...

Χρονια σου Πολλα Αριαδνη μου! Γεματα χαμογελα, υπεροχες εμπειριες και δημιουργιες!!!

Mii Stitch said...

Belated birthday wishes Ariadne!
Glad you're feeling better, looks like you had a lovely time :)

diotima said...

Πολύ ωραίο ποστ Αριάδνη ευχαριστολυμε και για τις φωτογραφίες!!!

Jennifer said...

I am a bit late, but I send to you Happy Birthday wishes!! It looks like there were many days of good celebrations. I absolutely love the Etsy this a purple octopus? I love all sea creature, so this intrigues me greatly.

Justine said...

Belated happy birthday wishes! Looks like you celebrated in style!

DIMI said...

Χρόνια πολλά Αριάδνη μου!!Καί εσύ Υδροχόος?Καί εγώ!!Πέρασες πάρα πολύ όμορφα!!
Υπέροχες όλες οι φωτογραφίες σου!!Καλό μήνα!!Φιλιά!!

Brigitte said...

Sending you happy birthday wishes - a bit late . But you seem to have had some wonderful birthday celebrations with family and friends.

Unknown said...

Happy 50th birthday, Ariadne!
Best wishes of health and happiness, and many happy returns, xx

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Happy late birthday!

Unknown said...

I suppose it was one of your best birthday ever! So many girfts!!! its nice to have people who loves you so much! Happy Birthday again!


Poppy said...

Happy Birthday, Ariadne!!

Wow you are so very loved! Multiple celebrations of cake and creativity, connecting with your friends and fellow bloggers, sharing your news and views, with lots of laughter and love - how lovely!

All the best to you!


Akamatra said...

That's how good friends should help you celebrate your birthday!!! So glad you had a good time!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happy Belated Birthday! All the best people were born in 1966 it seems! Mine is later this year.
I would absolutely love it if someone would organise a crafty surprise like that for me. Your friends must really love you.

Χριστίνα Πεταλωτή said...

Χρόνια πολλά ξανά κι από εδώ! Πόσο σε χαίρομαι που γεμίζεις τις μέρες σου με τόσες δραστηριότητες.
Μου έκανε κλικ το καφέ στην Καλαμαριά. Έχω καιρό να πάω προς τα εκεί.