Friday 13 December 2013

Mikra Agglia-the movie

This summer I read Ioanna Karystiani's book Mikra Agglia (It means Little England and it is the name of a ship). It is a great book. It is the story of the love of two sisters for the same man and although it sounds like a romantic novel it is more than that. The whole book takes place on the island of Andros.
I have read Karystiani's books before and loved them too and have seen the one that was made into a film "Nyfes" by her husband Pantelis Voulgaris, a famous Greek film director.
"Mikra Agglia" was of great interest to me too for one more very important reason. Pantelis Voulgaris made it into a film choosing as a protagonist Andreas Konstantinou, hubby's Godson! We were really excited when we heard the news and were looking forward to seeing the movie so much that we went to see it on its first day of its release in our city. And we were so very happy to realise that the great book was made into a great film and all of the actors including our dear Andreas are excellent in their performances. Don't miss it if you have the chance to see it!
Photos taken from the official site of the movie.


Unknown said...

So nice, and I'm sure you are very proud of Andreas!

Unknown said...

şahane şölen

Poppy said...

Wow! It is one thing to fall in love with a book, but to see it come to the screen, and your Godson in the leading role...well, that's just an EXTRAORDINARY bonus!

It all sounds amazing and now you've got me really curios about this film, so I will make an effort to see it!

Thanks for sharing.

Have a lovely weekend!

PS: I LOVED 'Nyfes'!!

Anonymous said...

i really want to watch "mikra agglia"!
you must be very proud of your hubby's godson
taking part in the movie!
and he is quite handsome too ;)

eleanna said...

I wanted to see the monie before I read you post. Now, I want it more! Congradulations!

Anastasia said...

I really enjoyed 'Nyfes' its great to see the English actor who played the male lead now a huge star in 'Homeland' - he left a lasting impression on me! This looks beautiful - I love period films...the scenery and fashion looks amazing!

Beauty Follower said...

Δεν εχω δει την ταινια, το βιβλίο ομως που ειχα διαβασει πριν καποια χρόνια μου αρεσε.