Wednesday 25 December 2013

Christmas Eve-Christmas Day 2013

Merry Christmas every one! I hope you had or are having a great day.
Yesterday I did lots of chores, heard the Christmas carolers; only a few visited us among them my Godson with his lira and his brother and sisters. It was lovely!
(The photo is from our visit to him on Saturday!)
In the evening we went for a walk at the city centre.
Lots of lights everywhere and people partying in bars and cafes. We chose a quiet cafe for some coffee.

Today we had Christmas dinner at my brother's.
Their house was beautifully decorated.
I love my brother's beautiful glass tree collection.

We really enjoyed it. My sister-in-law is really a good cook.
 We had roast turkey. I loved the stuffing with whole chestnuts.
 This colourful salad was also very impressive and delicious. It looked like a birthday cake.
Layers of egg, carrot,beetroot and potato salad. Excellent!
 My mum's stuffed vine leaves of course!
 My brother made the sweets following our dad's tradition.
Pistacchio baklava and kadaifi. Kourabiedes and melomakarona and that chocolate cake is mine.
I hope you enjoyed yourselves today!


Unknown said...

The glass tree collection is amazing - thank you for sharing your photos

Sarah in Stitches said...

Yum! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas surrounded by family. Hope you have a great year ahead of you, Ariadne! :D

butterfly said...

Lovely post, enjoy the rest of your week hugs.

Anonymous said...

χρόνια πολλά αριάδνη!
everything looks delicious!

Valma said...

wow, I want to celebrate Christmas with your family a day =D
everything seems soooo yummy !
I hope you had a great Christmas