Thursday 24 November 2011

The kindness of people(5)

I love Margie's crocheted stones and I recently received one as a gift! Thank you so very much dear friend!
Margie has a fantastic blog, Resurrection Fern, which has been my inspiration to start my own blog. You know how we sometimes wonder how people we get to know through the Internet are in reality. Although I have never met Margie in person and probably I never will as she lives in Canada and me in Greece I am sure she is one of those really special people who walk this Earth!
Margie took the time to make this stone into a beautiful parcel accompanied by a handmade stamped card.

 The crochet thread was dyed in indigo.
You can find her stones and fantastic photos in her etsy shop knitalatte. And hurry because there is a discount now.


Anonymous said...

since I did meet Margie, I can attest with all my heart that she is even more amazing in person, if it could ever be possible !!!! What a gorgeous stone, and thoughtful card too !

Margie Oomen said...

i am blushing big time

Marabeth said...

I love Margie's "cozy" stone covers.

Seamaiden said...