Saturday, 1 July 2017

June the month of the Information Technology Course

Well, and not only that.
In June my mum continued staying in the rehabilitation centre.
As in the end of May we had our flat painted, we then had to tidy up and put things in order. That gave me a great chance for decluttering.
Also I continued the Information Technology Course for Teachers and finished it by presenting four essays, two of my own and two with a colleague, dear Katerina, with whom I really enjoyed working together.
Now the month in photos.
The month started with a girls' evening out. My sister-in-law and I went to watch the musical Evita at the Music Hall. It was the Andrew Lloyd Weber's production in Greek.
We loved the show, it was rich and interesting although there was some trouble with the sound at times.

With school it was the end of the year festivities and other events. I accompanied the 6th grade to the Noesis Science Museum where we watched some really interesting and impressive 3D movies!

 I loved the flowers at the museum garden.
The Art teacher again organised an Art exhibition with the pupils' work at school. What a pity she is leaving our school.

 And of course our pupils played a lot with the fidget spinners, the new gadget in fashion!

In the end of the school year I received some sweet gifts.
 The painting is by the father of one of my pupils who is the painter Harry Mitroushi.
Of course we spent a lot of time at the rehabilitation centre with my mum. One day we also took Barca with us and both my mum and Barca enjoyed the visit. 
 The cats of the rehab centre weren't that happy though.
 I love all the flowers they have there. Look how the sun is coming through!
 At the end of the month we celebrated my mum's 83rd birthday there.

In June I spent three hours twice a week  at the information technology course for teachers and I really enjoyed it. I happily gave in four essays and now wait for the grades.
We didn't walk the seafront that much this month.

This month I loved spotting clouds in the sky again.

In June I went to Koumpi coffee and crafts cafe and we made luggage tags for charity again under the guidance of Anna of In My Closet.
But we also went one more day at Koumpi as it was Anna's birthday and she had a theme party! It was exciting and so original! Many happy returns dear Anna!

In June I again tried to spot beauty in my neighbourhood even in ruins, even among all the trash laying around as the municipality workers were on strike and didn't collect the rubbish.
This building has been like this for ages, what a pity.
But this balcony proves that the person who lived there really loved flowers. But now no one is watering them. Who knows what happened to the owner of the plants!
As we had the flat painted in the end of May we had to redecorate and put things in place. That took us the whole of June.
I loved the new fresh look in my bedroom.With the new bed cover, wedding gift from my cousin.
I did a lot of washing this month!Even Christmas items!That view must have looked funny to the neighbours!
But my favourite item in the newly decorated flat is the Balinese Dancer which came back from the framer's. That work of art (if I say so myself) really cost a lot. It cost a lot as a cross stitch kit when I bought it (ordered it) from England. It cost a lot to be custom framed. And it took a lot of time (years) and a lot of patience to be stitched. It is priceless to me and I LOVE IT!
As I was in a tidying and decluttering mode I made packets and gave them away, to friends, to bazaars, to charity, to recycling. I even tried to sell a few things with not much success.Here are some of the things I gave away. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

I am especially proud for saving from the garbage some years ago this '50s handmade wedding gown. I had it cleaned and repaired and donated it to the Peloponnesian Folklore Institute in Nafplion.
I also sent a lot of vintage maps that I saved from the cleaning of my school some years ago to the Education Museum in Veroia.
And I gave away lots of books some of which I left at the Aristotelion University Library with the bookcrossing tag in them.
This month I read Pascal Bryckner's book that I had bought last month from the International Book Fair where I had met the author.
 And another book I had bought from a bazaar which I didn't really like.
That's all for June friends.
I will soon be leaving for the beach house to ...clean up and hope to swim a bit too.
Hope you enjoy your summer!


Barb said...

Looks like a very busy month. What sweet photos of your mom, I hope her birthday was great. I always enjoy your pictures, the clouds and flowers were beautiful!!

Marie-Anne said...

Πολύ πλούσια και ενδιαφέρουσα η ανάρτησή σου Αριάδνη, όπως και ο μήνας που πέρασε. Ο κεντημένος πίνακας είναι υπέροχος!!!! Θα τον χαρείς ακόμα περισσότερο τώρα που στολίζει τον χώρο σου. Πολλές ευχές για την μαμά σου και με το καλό να επιστρέψει στο σπίτι της. Καταπληκτικό και το παλιό νυφικό που δώρισες στο μουσείο!!!!
Καλό μήνα και καλό καλοκαίρι!

Brigitte said...

It's always a lot of work to reorganize and redecorate the flat/ house after a renovation. But it feels so good when it's done, doesn't it? And what a great chance to declutter a little bit. How wonderful that the Balinese Dancer found a great place in your flat.
The old building that you took pictures of must have been wonderful, a lot of time ago, but it still shows some charme.
Good to see that your mum was enjoying Barca's visit so much.

Kaisievic said...

What a wonderful June, dear Ariadne - I feel like I shared some of it with you. Lovely pics of your Mum and good luck with your essay grades. xxx

Linda said...

Wonderful photos, and beautiful art! So touching and heartwarming to see Barca and your mother! Animals are wonderful therapy and the look of joy on your mother at seeing Barca is priceless! You have a lovely blog, thank you so much for sharing. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You have been busy this month!
What wonderful end of year gifts, especially the portrait of your student, that is one to value and keep.
The cat does not look at all impressed at seeing a dog on his territory!
Balinese Dancer looks amazing and is really worth all the time and money you've spent on her!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Another busy month for you, Ariadne. It's good to see that your mother enjoyed her birthday. Your framed Balinese Dancer design is gorgeous.

Sok Sareth said...

Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
Thank for your very good article...!


Mia said...

Beautiful photos, Ariadne! I love the old sewing machine! Have a great week, my friend.

Sheryl said...

A busy summer Ariadne, lots of interesting photos, that rescued wedding dress, the old sewing machine, the gorgeous Balinese dancer and wonderful pics of your mum and Barca, not to mention the chocolate cake, mmm. I hope you have good results for your essays.

AppleApricot Wen said...

Hi Ariadne, I love how you make these month overview posts and how you find beauty around you, even at unexpected places. The cross stitched Balinese dancer is gorgeous, wow! xx

Lillie said...

What a wonderful and joyous post, thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos. Happy belated birthday to you mom. Love how the cat responded on spotting Barca's visit. I would love that sewing machine. Balinese Dancer is stunning.