Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Cross stitch mini kits for sale.

Hello every one!
As you have already read in my previous blog post we recently had our flat painted.
And that gave us a chance for decluttering, destashing, donating, giving away, throwing away things.
So I came to realise that there are things that I have too many and too little time to make or do. So I decided to give it a try and sell some things on facebook and through my blog.
This first sale is for cross stitchers I guess since all of the items are mini cross stitch kits that were given for free on magazines that I had bought years ago. I have way too many to make them all so maybe some of you might like them.
All kits include chart page cut from the magazine, fabric(usually aida) and thread and needle. Some also include a card and an envelope and some others include coasters and notebooks.
You can see the price on the photos. All prices are in dollars and include registered postage. Only paypal please. If anyone is interested in any of the items do let me know via e-mail , or a comment on this blogpost. My e-mail is ariadnesky(at)hotmail(dot)com and I will need your e-mail to make a request  on paypal. I will combine postage if you want more than one sets.First come first served of course! Thank you!
3 coasters, 2 kits one empty.
 2 cards
 4 diaries (all of years past)
 2 cards
 2 cards
 2 cards
 Now I also have some non cross stitch items
2 embroidery sachets
 1 quilting sachet
 1 handkerchief with embroidery initial
 1 embroidery jar cover
 1 embroidery card
 1 gift sachet
 1 ribbon embroidery
Thanks for looking!


Kaisievic said...

Great idea to declutter - good luck with your sale (I have so much stash that I will give it a miss!)

zina said...

These kitsa are just perfect for me! thank you for the presentation :)