Wednesday 27 April 2016

Secret bunny 2016

Dear Zina of Efzin creations blog and etsy shop organized one more successful Easter gift exchange called #secretbunny2016.
This year I received a gift from Athena of Mummy's Little Man 
Athena sent me a little porcelain bunny covered in paper,a tealightcandle holder, some chocolate and candies, a beautiful pen, and a handmade card. Thank you Athena.
I sent my parcel to Helen of Karydotsouflo.
As I wasn't sure what Helen liked I decided to visit her blog and loved the banner.
So I started thinking about walnut shells and hedgehogs and finally I came up with copying her banner and turning it into a pyrography scene.
 Then I also cross stitched a little hedgehog family from a pattern I found on pinterest and made it into a bookmark

I then looked around my house for previously loved things I could add to my parcel.I always do that as I believe that sometimes I have too many  things I don't really need but love (usually books and handmade items) and that those could suit another person better.
I had bought a book covered box to post my parcel in so I thought of adding a book into the box too. And I had the most appropriate one The elegance of the hedgehog by Myriel Barbery!Amazing, isn't it?
I also added a walnut shell pin cushion made by dear Sonia of Cozymemories and finally a bunny I bought at the Melissa Orphanage bazaar. I added some little details on the bunny too.Oh and a card of course.
Before closing the parcel I added some chocolate and jelly candy for Helen's kids.
I really loved making this parcel and I am glad my recipient loved it too!
Apart from making this parcel I also made a couple more for two other friends.
One was for Maro aka Akamatra who was visiteing Thessaloniki and we met for coffee at Koumbi cafe
I gave her a box with chocolate.
her blog logo made with pyrography,
 a needle booklet made with aida and felt and I stitched the Stitch for Syria pattern on it,

 and a bunny from the afore mentioned bazaar.
Maro made me a lovely pouch!Thanks Maro!
I also sent Zina a small gift, her blog logo made with pyrography
and a bunny too since she is the organizer of the secret bunny exchange!
I really enjoyed all this gift making,sending and receiving once again!


Akamatra said...

I really really loved all my gifts! The pyrography bow stands proudly in my new craft room and the needle book has already been put into use! Thank you so much dear Ariadne, I had a lovely time visiting!

Brigitte said...

This Easter exchange you had joined was a great exchange with wonderful gifts on b both sides. And I'm sure that your friends also loved the little gifts you made for them.

Unknown said...

Καλο βράδυ Αριάδνη μου .....τη όμορφο δωράκια που είναι όλα !!!!

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Τι όμορφη ανταλλαγή δώρων !!!
Φιλιά !!!!

Decor Asylum said...

Πολύ όμορφα όλα Αριάδνη! Και αυτά που έφτιαξες με τα χέρια σου (υπέροχη η ιδέα της πυρογραφίας των λογοτύπων!) αλλά και όσα έλαβες. Πάντα τέτοιες χαρούμενες ανταλλαγές. Καλά να περάσετε. Καλή Ανάσταση & Καλό Πάσχα :)

Mii Stitch said...

Fabulous crafty makes sent & received :)

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

A lovely post filled with such lovely things ! Thanks so much for mentionning me, you are very sweet, Ariadne !
xoxo Have a beautiful weekend !

KimM said...

Oh my goodness- what great, creative gifts - given and received.

Ελένη B said...

Όταν έλαβα το δώρο μου ούτε που φανταζόμουν τι θα αντίκριζα!!! ένα υπέροχο κουτί γεμάτο ομορφιές!!!! Πυρογραφία! βιβλίο! σελιδοδείκτης! καρυδότσουφλο με καρφίτσες!!!! Το ένα ομορφότερο από το άλλο!!!!
Νιώθω πραγματικά τυχερή που έλαβα ένα τέτοιο όμορφο δώρο!!!! στα αλήθεια φτιαγμένο για μένα!! Συγκινήθηκα!!
Αριάδνη μου σε ευχαριστώ από καρδιάς!!!!!!!

Memaria said...

Έρχομαι από το καρυδότσουφλο όπου θαύμασα τα δώρα που της έστειλες...και βρήκα εδώ τόσες ομορφιές ακόμα!!
Καλώς σε βρήκα!

zina said...

όλα υπε΄ροχα!!!!! τι γλυκούλια δωράκια που έλαβες! και φυσικά που έλαβα!!! Χρωστάω και φώτο, αλλα ειλικρινά, δεν το αποχωρίζομαι το ξυλο μου κ το κουνέλι μου, δίπλα μου συνέχεια :)