Saturday 10 January 2015

Our Barca

And just because we all need to go on and feel a bit happier here is a blog post about our Barca who became two years old at some point in the end of November. Here are the last photos of hers from 2014.

Mmmmm what a beautiful cushion Anna of inmyc gave as a Secret Santa egst gift to my mum! But as long as this cushion is on this armchair she doesn't allow me to sit there!
 Let me read what it says...E-N-G-L-A-N-D of course!
My mum always eats something good while on the compuetr!
Can you please give me some rice pudding?
 GIVE me some rice pudding!
 Oh she is awful, she ate it all by herself!
 I'll go to daddy to console me!
 See how beautiful I am?
 Why is the kitchen door closed? WHY IS THE KITCHEN DOOR CLOSED?
"Who did that?" mum asks! How do I know?
Why are you looking at me?
 Eating again?What?Did you eat all of it?
 I hate you!
 Are you sure there is nothing left for me?
I hate rain!
 I hate that they put this Scooby Doo towel around me!
 Mum help me! Do they think I am superman?
 Now let me rest a bit!
 I want all my toys with me!
 Ooops more gifts? From Erina Katerina of pink hearts blog (rozkardies) for the In My Closet Exchange.
 Wow! So many things!
 Erina Katerina please next time send something for me too!
 What? There won't be a next time?
 I am getting out of here....and stepping on your things....
 I want to day dream....
 Let me day dream......with Marabeth's turtle in my mouth!
 Oh leave me alone.
 I will dream of eating an apple....
Oh yes, a dream come true!
 Thanks mum!
 Oh it was just a dream!
 What noise was that? I will hide under the kitchen table!
 Shall I come out?
 Here I am!
 What are you doing on the computer so many hours?
 Talk to me!
 Oh I am bored! I don't like this movie!
 What is she trying to do?
 Someone tell her that you need another phone for selfies!
 Phew!She left!
 Aren't my legs cute?
 Oh no there she is again!
 Now he wants a photo!
 I am not a model!
 Oh ok if you promise a snack!
 Can I come up on your lap?
 I like it here!
 What are you doing on the computer?
 A walk at the sea front!Great! A new friend! What is she wearing?
 Can I drink some ouzo too? What? I should ask mum?
 I drank too much...water.....
I love Christmas Eve walks at the sea front!
 What's he laughing at?
 I will go closer....
 Yes hold me ....
 I will give you a kiss!
 Hey handsome come here!
 Don't stand up!
 I want to give you a kiss too!
 Kiss kiss
 I love friends who hug me! Thanks Anna!
 What's this now?
 A necklace?
 Ooops they are lights!
 I don't want to be electrocuted!
 What's she trying again?
 I don't want to wear this!
 I never said those words!She wrote them herself!
I love swimming even in winter!
 Why don't they swim too?
 Why are they shouting at me? It was so refreshing!
More photos in the new year! Happy 2015 from me, Barca!


Decor Asylum said...

Σκέτη γλύκα ♥
Να την χαίρεστε Αριάδνη και να περνά πάντα τόσο όμορφα μαζί σας κι εσείς μαζί της!
Οι σέλφις σας, άπαιχτες χαχαχαχα

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I got a laugh out of your blog, poor Barca, she's so sweet and your captions are funny. thanks for the birthday wishes hugs Lynda Ruth

Unknown said...

Lol, Ariadne, I think this dog, Barca, is a spoilt one, but I guess a happy doggy!

Sarah in Stitches said...

LOL... He's so cute! :D

Unknown said...

How swweet dog!!!!Sorry for my mistake!!!Next time!!!!!Please forgive Barca!!Great photograps of a happy dog Ariadne!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i loved reading and looking at Barca's adventures! she's beautiful and so very sweet!
I have the same problem with Taras and water in the wintertime, he likes to play with it but we cannot water the garden when everything is dead or supposed to be sleeping.
I got a bow-tie for him after trying with a random bow I found around the house during the holidays.. he loved it!