Monday 17 November 2014

If you want a gift for Christmas...

  • can find the most beautiful  cushion covers at this shop. inmyc. And you can even print your own photo. Anna of In my closet blog and her family make these cushions. I bought some for gifts in the U.S.A. trip and they were really liked by the recipients. And in very good prices if you compare them with other shops.
  • can find the most beautiful ceramics at this shop on Skyros island. Ioannasverychic.I sent my friend who was visiting on the island to buy me some gifts and here's what I got,very good prices, beautiful work.
  • can find the most beautiful fabric gifts, scarves, coasters and pouches in this shop. Cozymemories. All hand dyed by Sonia with colours she makes out of plants of her area and hand stitched by herself.I recently bought this lovely handstitched pouch and there were even little gifts included in the parcel.
  • can find the most amazing white porcelain items in this shop. Otchipotchi. Made by Paula in her little workshop in far away Portugal. Delicate and beautiful, they always arrive safe and sound and in very good prices.I have bought lots of her art and recently I got these!Gorgeous!
     (photo from otcipotchi shop)
  • can find the most amazing handmade skirts, dresses, bags and hair accessories at this shop. Skeftomai kai ravo. Fani can custom order something you like. Sometime ago I had been to one of her exhibitions and had bought hair accessories for me and my visiting niece!
  • can find the most amazing handmade jewelry at this shop. Meandmamacreations.  Lia is a crafty mum who makes them with her own mum!Isn't that sweet!I would have loved those earrings!(photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find the most original gift, a handpainted gourd in this shop. Mariaspaint. Maria is really talented and her gourds are really popular!I had custom ordered a mermaid from her!And it is so beautiful!
  • can find all kinds of Kawaii items in this shop. celdeconail. Christina is an expert on  matter.(photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find more really beautiful jewelry in this shop. Stella Creations.Stella makes excellent boho and other kinds of jewelry.Wouldn't you like that?(photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find the best book related news and advice on this site. So little sleeping and so much reading. John works hard to keep us all informed on the very best on books and reading.Now that Christmas is coming a good book is the perfect gift.(Sorry this is only in Greek.)
  • can find the loveliest crocheted gifts in this shop. Niattacrochet. Annita makes gorgeous things but I especially like her bags.Gorgeous, isn't it? (photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find the cutest little gifts in this shop.The Wandering Deer. Vivika is similarly sweet and makes tiny little animals that you will want to have as friends.Vivika taught me how to crochet!(photo from her etsy shop)
  • can buy beautiful things here. I made it Bazaar. It regularly takes place at Rover Bar on Sundays. Follow them on facebook to get updates of their schedule.(photo taken from their facebook page with permission)
  • can find sweet cross stitch ornaments in this shop.Mii stitch. Ingrid stitches beautifully.I loved this item!(photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find sweet felt ornaments in this shop.Poppysstuff. Poppy makes them with love.(photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find the loveliest vintage items in this shop. The Little White House.I would have loved that! Magali is a teacher who loves vintage things and she has lots of beautiful things in her shop.(photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find the most beautiful photo prints in this shop. Quercus Design. Jennifer walks beaches with her camera and takes great photos.And she is a great lady too.I loved meeting her this summer.(photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find beautiful sea glass and repurposed items in this shop. Oceansbounty. Lynne really does a great job repurposing and recycling things.I also met her this summer but have also bought many of her items so far.(photo from her shop)
  • can find original sea glass gifts in this shop. Andriasserendipity. Andria is such a dear and elegant lady. Her work reflects that.We met this summer too but we have been friends for some time now.Look at this gorgeous bottle stopper. (photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find lovely everyday jewelry in this shop. efzincreations. Zena makes lovely minimalistic jewelry.I have that same little star! (photo from her etsy shop)
  • can find the sweetest handmade little creatures in this shop. Da Faux Creations. I have bought some for gifts and they are so sweet!
  • can find hundreds of more gifts to choose from or you can sit down and make some things of your own!
Please note: Although I at times have bought items from some of these shops, and I have personally met most of the ladies and gentleman mentioned here, I have not been paid in any way or asked to do this blogpost. I am doing it because I really love handmade crafts, I appreciate what these artists/crafters do and would like to promote their work and efforts. Also it is good to promote small businesses and local or worldwide artists-friends who deserve it.


zina said...

This is a great shopping list Ariadne! I loved so many things in it, like the purple bag! And so many others!
Thank you once more for mentioning my creatios! I am glad you like them!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Thank you so much for mentionning my little shop in this amazing list you've created!

Niatta said...

My fb team has also great handmade crochet bags. Thank you for being such a lovely lady, in person.

Mii Stitch said...

Thank you so much Ariadne, you're a true little gem xoxox

Unknown said...

What a helpful post! Thank you for including me - but excuse me for a minute, I have to go look at that star necklace, it might be just the thing for my daughter!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Oh Ariadne, thank you so much for mentioning my shop among this lovely list of makers & shops ! You are always so very kind & thoughtful. Thank you for sharing, always. oxox

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love beautiful handmade things! I'll go 'window shopping' at least! I see so many pretty things I would like! Hugs!

Marie-Anne said...

Very interesting post, Ariadne!
So many beautiful things to find and buy from those talented creators! Thanks for sharing!
Have a happy week!

Unknown said...

1000 thanks! You are a doll! οπως λέμε και εμεις οι αγγλομαθεις... τρομάρα μου! Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ! Υπέροχο αρθρο. Το ποσταρα ήδη!

eleanna said...

Ariadne, what a lovely post! So many wonderful things, handmade stuff, vintage stuff... hard decision ;)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful pieces! I really love that handmade pouch. Thanks for sharing! :D

poppysstuff said...

Great ideas Ariadne!!!!
thank you very much for including my little shop!!!

Decor Asylum said...

Πραγματική βόλτα στα μαγαζιά! Πολύ ωραίες οι προτάσεις σου.

Anonymous said...

Lovely gift ideas Ariadne x