Wednesday 24 April 2013

Handicraft course

For two months in February and March I attended a free handicraft course at our local library. A colleague from school and I joined in and it was great fun. What I liked most was that we learnt how with simple methods and few things you can make lots of beautiful art and craft pieces.
Our teacher Maria Chatzi was very creative and pleasant and we really had fun.
In the first lesson we learnt how to make pom poms and bows from various things even from a paper napkin or a supermarket plastic bag.
I missed the second lesson where they learnt how to make flowers but I was shown on the next lesson and I put my flowers on a bracelet made of  a simple round carton paper and a torn T-shirt.

Then we made necklaces using things our teacher brought us. The fun part was that we could choose the items to put on our necklaces from a table and so each necklace was different.I also added the buttons.
I got the butterfly and the lace from my colleague.
And made this crochet heart.
And my friend Frieda gave me this flower to add.

In total it was a cooperative necklace.
On the next lesson we made brooches. Again I chose something simple and as I was wearing my red jacket that day I made something to match that.
Then we learnt how to decorate our flip flops and sandals. As I only had one old pair from the beach house I added few things on it but hopefully will buy and decorate a new pair.
On our last lesson before Easter we learnt how to make wreaths but my choise of colours ended up too girly Spring but not too Easter like. I really enjoyed the course and hopefully will attend more in future.

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Annuk said...

What a great course, and such lovely things made with simple materials! I have always been a minimalist when it comes to materials and tools -- and I love the idea of how "with simple methods and few things you can make lots of beautiful art and craft pieces"... that's just my creative philosophy! :) Give me a stone, a button, a piece of wood... and I'll turn it into a ring! :)