Saturday 6 April 2013

Beautiful sea glass art.

So here I am back after 11 performances on Koutornithia. The play was a huge success, the theatre was filled with people and we all enjoyed the experience very very much!
We are not over with this play that's for sure and we are planning more performances and of other plays too. So stay tuned.
This is hopefully a relaxing sunny weekend to get some rest before going back to school on Monday.I am trying to catch up on mail, blogging and reading.I have to finish a book but on this I will talk another time. Now to other things.
A month ago or so I ordered a lovely necklace from a lovely sea glass friend on etsy.
LaPerLaA is the Italian artist Antonella who makes sea glass and other finds in peyote style with tiny seed beads.
Here is what I bought from her.

Isn't it gorgeous?
She also included some sea glass from the Amalfi coast in Italy and one of her lovely pins made in the tatting style.
 She was so nice to buy one of my beach stones too and she turned it into a pendant for her mum.
Here is what she bought from me.
Here is what she made with it.
(Photo taken from LaPerLaA site with permission)
You can read all about LaPerLaA and the adventure of this stone in Antonella's blog here.


prpltrtl946 said...

What amazing artistry!! Both necklaces are wonderful! 8*)

I love how the colors in yours remind me of the ocean!! Now we need a photo of you wearing it!! 8*)

Annuk said...

I know Antonella and she is lovely and very talented! I love the way she turns beach treasures into amazing jewelry pieces! And I found it so lovely that an Italian sea glass necklace traveled to Greece while a Greek beach stone traveled to Italy so as to be turned into yet another piece of gorgeous jewelry! :)
Have a lovely weekend!

butterfly said...

Just Beautiful, hugs.

Dream on the wave said...

I saw your necklace and loved it. But also the one she made with your stone is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

amazing work by antonella!
thanks for sharing her shop!