Monday 12 November 2012

What a waste!

Have a great week everyone!
I know I haven't even said "Have a happy month" either!LOL!
If anyone wants a beautiful desktop on their computer here's what I have on for November taken from Geninne's blog!
So the week started with a great day at school. I love it because it is still sunny and warm and the sun makes us all happier!
While returning from the service yesterday morning in the car I spotted the shop window of a closed antique/second hand store in my neighbourhood. My eyes opened wide when I saw a mustard colour velvet armchair there!
It was the same armchair(one of a pair) that I had seen on the curb last week and of course didn't have the courage to take home. How to take them and where to put them was the usual question!So now someone else took them and is selling them too!!!!!
I will try to take  a pic and show you! I am also going to start taking photos of curb side finds to show you what I mean that people throw anything out!What a waste!
Have I shown you this shop window mannequin I collected from outside a shop that was closing down recently?Many shops close down due to bankruptcy and after selling their stuff for very cheap then throw things away!Again what a waste!

I almost collected these curb finds at some point!My husband would have killed me!

That reminds me that I had bought something from an antique store in the end of September but never showed it here. It was a very cheap price and it is so so lovely!

I am in love with its colour and transparency.
Also in the end of September I coffee dyed this lovely heart wreath I had stitched in summer because when I washed it some green colour had bled so I thought it a good idea to dye it myself. And here it is in its new IKEA frame!

In the beginning of October I had also added this frame in my balcony. The frame was an old curb find and the teatowel is by Arounna.
 We had to change the light in our kitchen so here is the new one again from IKEA. I am not sure I like it that much but it provides good light!

So I will just say good night!Off to correct some tests and do some cross stitch!


Lisa said...

You cross stitch so pretty. It takes me forever to finish a project.

Anonymous said...

beautiful cross stiching ariadne & framing!
& i like also your little orange bowl finding.

butterfly said...

Lovely cross stitch and pretty frame.
Little kittens so pretty, hugs

Denise said...

Where I live (Georgia, USA) we don't
seem to have many curb finds, only occasionly. The things are really put out for the trash collectors.
However, I have heard and read about some really nice curb finds in
Europe. Most people around here have yard sales or donate to a charitable organization. I must say that I do always look when I see something by the curb....haven't found
any real treasure!
Love your blog and the heart is
Many blessings....