Tuesday 6 November 2012

Shop update

Dear readers and friends and relatives,
I was never before a shop owner (although my dad was a successful one) and I feel funny to do this.
Anyway I was given the advice that I should add a post to my blog every time I add new items in my shop thalasseaglass. That's so different from me that I even forgot to do it.
And wth all the loveliness of Skiathos island I wasn't even in the mood!LOL!
Anyway today is a big strike day here and so is tomorrow.
I decided to do one day of strike as the money that will be withheld from my salary is too much in case of two days. So tomorrow will be a strike and demonstartion day for me.
That reminded me that I will be needing the money soon!LOL!
Today inspite the strike I worked and my University students came and did their practice.It was fun seeing a young teacher teaching for the first time. I try to be very sweet and supportive (Whoever laughed at the sweet thing I can tell you I can be very sweet when I want to!LOL!) with them and I am very lucky that this year the three girls who came to teach are very very nice.I am not paid extra to supervise them mind you, it is on a voluntary basis and I have been doing this for three years now. I want to offer what I was never offered as a University student!More on that later as we go on with our practice.
So about the shop update here is what I added a couple of days ago!

Flaked stone from Greece

Sea Glass set from Greece

Vintage Bead necklace

One vintage Law book from Greece

Two vintage books from Greece

White Greek sea glass
Whoever wants to help promoting my shop in their blogs or via e-mails to friends who might be interested please feel free to do so but please send me the link to see it and to thank you accordingly!


Desire Empire said...

Lovely pieces. I adore sea glass.

butterfly said...

Wonderful goodies for your shop , wishing you all the best with it. hugs.

Ruth Ludlam said...

Hi Ariadne,
Have you considered making a calendar from your photos of Greece? You could set it up on a site like Lulu.com and people could buy it there. I think readers of your blog would like that option. Keep in touch, Ruth