Wednesday 29 August 2012

Thanks for welcoming me back.

When one is away for 45 days then it is impossible to bring the house back to normal in a couple of days. And also my mum needs me. I have to stay away from the computer to put everything in order.
But here are some more photos.
So I continued with my cross stitch. It is Dream a little by jiffy and was sent to me by Lisa in the States.

 The two armchairs I had found on the curb got their sanding.
 And catch the trade winds in your sails found its place on the entrance of my beach house. Everyone loved it.
 My neighbour's cat. What eyes!
 Sea finds.
 A broken blue button. This summer at last I found some buttons. I could say it was the button summer.
 See the sea?
 I was told these are edible. I found them by the beach growing in large quantities.
Another post in the evening! I will have to blog twice a day to catch up and show you all my photos.

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