Sunday 6 May 2012

Romania Day 2 Monuments

After the wonderful Museum of the Village we continued a city road tour of Bucharest. As the sun had come out we could see the same monuments but under clearer skies and sunshine they looked more impressive.So our guide stopped the bus for us to take photos. You can read a lot about all those monumemnts we saw here.
At the Arch of Triumph.
 At the Athenaeum Music Hall.

 Which is decorated with lovely Ancient Greek classical columns and mosaics of kings.

 Doesn't the frieze remind you of  ancient Greek temples?

 The University library and King Carole the first statue.
 The Revolution Square
 Kretzulescu church

 Calea Victoriei.The National Military Club.
 The CEC palace that now houses a  bank and will be turned into a museum.

 Caru cu bere,the famous Beer Dray, a bar restaurant we only saw from the outside and had a quick blink inside as it was full every time we tried to go.
 Stavropoleos church.
 I loved the designs on the sewer covers.

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Jennifer said...

Hello, I am rather new to your blog. I am very much enjoying your photos of your trip to Romania. But one makes me laugh a bit. The mosiac of King Carol I. I am and avid follower of all things of 19th and early 20th Century Royalty. How odd that King Carol looks almost identical to images of Tsar Nicholas II, only they have changed the crown on his head!