Monday 7 May 2012

Elections in Greece- The Day after!

The results of the elections in Greece were a great surprise to some,not to all.
The conservatives and the socialists lost most of their power. The leftists went up three times. Smaller parties appeared powerful among them unfortunately the pro Nazis too! I cannot believe that there are 400.00 fascists in my country! Lots of small parties in a Parliament where once only two parties covered the 75% of the seats!
Now we are waiting for the government formation and the coallitions!
And our lenders are waiting to eat us up!
So what's next? I am still hopeful things will change!
You can read more in this blog I follow.
And some photos...
waiting for the results....

 ...and the day after!

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Anonymous said...

we've had fascists sitting in our parliament for the last 20 years.. only thinking about this gives me the worst shivers.. we really need a change so badly.. and a positive one!
let's see what happens June 19th.. I'll be glued to the TV watching specials about the elections..
I wish Greece the best,